“Step Inside Jennifer Lopez’s $60M Mansion with Ben Affleck for Delola Cocktail Making – Celebrating Brand Anniversary in Style!”

Jennifer Lopez recently gave fans a virtual tour of her luxurious $60 million mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles, which she shares with her partner Ben Affleck. In a video posted on Instagram, the Bronx native was seen mixing up Delola cocktails in her spacious kitchen, complete with stunning floral ice cubes. The 54-year-old singer-actress looked glamorous in a revealing floral dress with cutouts, paired with a chic caramel-highlighted hairstyle and soft pastel makeup. The background music for her cocktail-making session was her own song, “Hummingbird,” from her latest album. Lopez captioned the post, “Elevating my cocktails with edible flower ice cubes, the ultimate drink for spring!”

Jennifer Lopez invited fans inside the kitchen of the $60M mansion she shares with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez gave her fans a sneak peek into the kitchen of the luxurious $60 million mansion she and Ben Affleck reside in.

The Bronx-born beauty was busy at one of the islands inside her sprawling chef's lair where she was preparing Delola cocktails with flowers inside the ice cubes

The stunning New Yorker was hard at work in her expansive kitchen, creating Delola cocktails with a unique touch – flowers frozen inside the ice cubes. In a recent video, she excitedly shared, “It’s officially spring, so I’m finding ways to incorporate flowers into everything.” The mother of twins, Max and Emma, demonstrated the process by placing edible flowers in an ice cube tray and filling it with water, recommending to freeze overnight for best results. She described the end result as almost too beautiful to drink, wishing her fans a joyful spring season. Delola Spritz, which was established exactly a year ago on April 5, 2023, offers low-calorie beverages that have garnered praise from the star herself. Decked out in a knotted shirt and a yellow-and-white buttoned skirt paired with gold hoop earrings, she was spotted enjoying the Italian coast with friends at an outdoor bar. Lopez showcased her new brand, Delola Spritz, expressing pride and excitement a year ago with a promise to bring her fans along to live the #DelolaLife together.

The This Is Me... Now star had on a plunging floral print spring dress with cut outs at the sides.

The actress from This Is Me… Now was spotted in a stunning floral dress for spring, featuring a bold plunging neckline and stylish cut outs on the sides.

Here the water gets poured in

And Jenny held up the frozen tray

She arranged the flowers in the tray and then poured water over them, only to find that the water had frozen overnight.

According to a press release, Jennifer’s longtime nickname “Lola” represents her more carefree and playful side. She founded a company that specializes in unique, high-quality ready-to-drink cocktails for elegant and easy entertaining as part of a sophisticated lifestyle.

Jennifer expressed her love for hosting gatherings with friends and unwinding but struggled to find a drink that met her standards. She wanted a beverage that matched her thoughtful lifestyle, so she decided to create Delola.

Her main objectives for Delola were to use top-notch ingredients, offer great taste, and fewer calories compared to traditional cocktails, all in a convenient single serve pour.

Her long caramel colored highlighted hair was worn down over her shoulders as she wore pastel colored makeup and flashed a pale green matte manicure

She let her long, caramel-highlighted hair cascade over her shoulders, complemented by pastel makeup and a chic pale green matte manicure.

The song she played was Hummingbird from her latest album

'Dressing up my cocktails with edible flower ice cubes, the perfect drink for spring!' said the Hustlers actress in her Instagram caption

In the caption on her Instagram post, the actress from the movie Hustlers mentioned how she was enjoying a refreshing cocktail garnished with edible flower ice cubes while listening to the song Hummingbird from her most recent album. She described it as the ideal drink for the spring season.

'It is almost too pretty to drink,' she noted before wishing fans a 'happy spring.' She founded Delola Spritz exactly one year ago on April 5, 2023

Noticing its beauty, she remarked that the drink was almost too gorgeous to consume, sending well wishes for the arrival of spring. Delola Spritz, established by her a year ago on April 5, 2023, was described as something easy, fun, and refreshing by the 2020 Super Bowl halftime performer. According to the Los Angeles resident, Delola offers a stress-free way to enjoy, allowing people to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones without the hassle of cutting, squeezing, or mixing. The Marry Me actress highlighted that each bottle of Delola is elegantly crafted and ready to be served over ice for immediate enjoyment. Sharing her excitement, the former Fly Girl mentioned that she had been thinking about the spritz for years before finally launching it into the world. Collaborating with industry experts Ken Austin, Jenna Fagnan, and her manager Benny Medina, Jennifer began developing Delola in 2020. Delola provides premium spirit-based cocktails, made with natural botanicals, gluten-free, and lower in calories compared to traditional cocktails. Featuring a design inspired by the Bronx crest, Jennifer’s hometown, the Delola bottle is embellished with lions and ivy vines as directed by Jennifer herself.

Lopez launched the brand a year ago; seen here on the coast of Italy as she drinks the spritz on the rocks while at an outdoor bar with pals

Lopez introduced her brand just twelve months ago; pictured here enjoying a spritz cocktail by the seaside in Italy with friends at an al fresco bar.

Her caption in 2023 read, 'The secret is out!!! I'm proud to share with you @DELOLA ¿ my new collection of unique, mixology-level ready to enjoy spritzes.' She added, 'More is #OnTheJLo. Let's live the #DelolaLife together'

In 2023, Jennifer revealed her latest venture, @DELOLA, a collection of high-end ready-to-drink spritzes that promise an elevated mixology experience. With the hashtag #OnTheJLo, she invited her followers to join her in living the #DelolaLife.
Working with mixologist Lynnette Marrero, Jennifer curated three original cocktails for the debut DELOLA SPRITZ collection. The BELLA BERRY SPRITZ features berry, hibiscus, and premium vodka, creating a refreshing drink with hints of red berries, hibiscus, and citrus.
Next up is the PALOMA ROSA SPRITZ, made with grapefruit, elderflower, and premium tequila, offering a sophisticated twist on the classic Paloma with flavors of ripe grapefruit, fragrant elderflower, and a touch of salt.
The L’ORANGE SPRITZ combines orange, passionfruit, and premium amaro to create a vibrant cocktail inspired by Italian spritzes, balancing the bright fruitiness with the bitterness of amaro.
DELOLA will be available in select grocery stores, liquor stores, restaurants, and bars starting in April, with plans for a wider distribution in the spring. Live the #DelolaLife and elevate your evening with these unique and exclusive spritz cocktails.

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