Sofía Vergara Pokes Fun at Kevin Hart’s Modern Family Cameo: ‘Thankful I Escaped Being in That Scene’

On Friday, the two individuals appeared as guests together for an interview on the renowned talk show ‘The Graham Norton Show’.

Sofía Vergara recently shared a funny anecdote about Kevin Hart’s guest appearance on the hit TV show Modern Family. During an interview on The Graham Norton Show, the actress playfully expressed her relief at not having to spend time with Hart during his cameo in 2012. She jokingly mentioned that she was fortunate to not be in the scene with Hart, as it was her co-star Phil Dunphy who interacted with him. She then playfully teased Hart about his brief appearance on the show, stating that she had been a part of the show for 11 seasons while he only made an appearance in one episode.

“It was genuinely one of my favorite experiences in the entire world because it felt like working alongside my own family, and it was absolutely incredible,” the actress expressed, playfully teasing the comedian and actor once again. “And on that particular day that [Hart] came, I wasn’t present, so it truly doesn’t have any impact on my life.”

Vergara gained substantial fame for her portrayal of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the long-running television series Modern Family, which concluded in 2020 after eleven seasons. Meanwhile, Hart made appearances in two episodes of the sitcom’s third season, portraying the neighbor Andre in “Treehouse” (2011) and “Planes, Trains, and Cars” (2012).

Transitioning to a more heartfelt subject related to the show, Vergara reflected on the bittersweet moment when the original cast bid farewell at the conclusion of the final season. “We were all immensely saddened because, you know, these are the people you want to see every day, and when it’s all over, you inevitably get separated,” Vergara shared.

“Moreover, right after we finished shooting the final episode of Modern Family, the pandemic hit and we were forced to stay apart. It came as a sudden shock to all of us that we couldn’t see each other anymore. It was a challenging time for all of us,” Vergara revealed.
She also mentioned that she tries to stay connected with the cast as much as possible nowadays. “I continue to keep in touch with many of them,” Hart jokingly added. “Because they always say that my episode was one of the best!”
During the show, the pair continued to playfully tease each other, with Hart explaining the plot of his new action film Lift. After some banter, Vergara playfully commented, “It sure took you a long time, huh!”
“What?” responded Hart. “You know what? In this movie, I am not the old Kevin you knew. I am a big, leading man now.”

“Congratulations to you, although it did take you quite a while,” Vergara remarked.
“You should show me more respect now that I’m an action star,” Hart quipped, eliciting laughter from the audience. “I’m not the Kevin from Modern Family anymore. Times have changed!”
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