“Shining Bright: Zooey Deschanel Dazzles in Vintage-Inspired Dress at Trolls Band Together Premiere in Hollywood”

Actress Zooey Deschanel rocked her iconic retro style at a special showing of Trolls Band Together at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The 43-year-old star, known for her quirky fashion sense, looked stunning in a sparkly floral dress, completed with a silver clutch and Mary Jane heels chosen by her stylist, Ib Abdel Nasser. Her outfit, a belted pencil dress, featured a mix of silver, fuchsia, and blue hues, complemented by matching fuchsia earrings and a bold statement ring. To add to her vintage look, Deschanel styled her dark, fringe haircut with a teased up hairpiece and silver barrettes, giving her a touch of 60s glamour. She accentuated her striking blue eyes with false lashes, well-defined brows, rosy cheeks, and a bright pink lipstick, completing her retro-inspired ensemble for the evening.

Manic pixie dream girl: Zooey Deschanel brought her signature retro glam to a special screening of Trolls Band Together at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Wednesday

Popular actress Zooey Deschanel was spotted at a special screening of ‘Trolls Band Together’ in Hollywood, where she reprises her voiceover role as Bridget. She expressed her excitement about playing the character again and praised the new film’s storyline, including Bridget’s upcoming wedding. Despite her fiancé Jonathan Scott and children not being present at the event, Zooey talked about their blended family and their joy over their engagement. The couple has yet to make any wedding plans, but they are looking forward to celebrating with a big party. Zooey and Jonathan first met while filming Carpool Karaoke in 2019, and he proposed to her in Scotland in August.

In a classic yet elegant ensemble put together by stylist Ib Abdel Nasser, the Emmy-nominated star, who is 43 years old, absolutely stunned in a sparkling floral dress. Paired with a silver clutch and Mary Jane heels, she exuded grace and beauty at the event.

Colorful: Zooey's belted pencil dress featured silver, fuchsia, and blue shades which she accessorized with matching fuchsia earrings and statement ring

Vibrant: Zooey’s dress had a belt and was adorned with a mix of silver, hot pink, and blue hues. She added some flair with coordinating hot pink earrings and a bold ring.

Boost: Deschanel gave her raven fringed mane more sixties-style volume with a teased up top hairpiece accented with silver barrettes

Enhance: Deschanel increased the volume of her dark, fringed hair by adding a sixties-inspired teased hairpiece at the top, adorned with stylish silver barrettes.

Natural beauty: The Los Angeles native brought out her baby blues with false lashes, defined brows, pink cheeks, and a bright pink pout

Enhancing her natural beauty, the Los Angeles local made her baby blue eyes pop with the help of fake lashes, well-defined brows, rosy cheeks, and a bold pink lip color.

Here comes the bride! Zooey reprised her voiceover role as former scullery maid Bridget in Walt Dohrn's animated three-quel, which finally hits US theaters this Friday

Get ready to see the return of Zooey as the voice of Bridget, the ex-scullery maid, in Walt Dohrn’s latest animated movie that will be released in US theaters this Friday.

Deschanel gushed: 'I'm so thrilled and overjoyed to be able to play Bridget again. She's one of my favorite characters I've ever gotten to play, definitely top three if not number one favorite. So very very excited to be back!'

Deschanel excitedly expressed her joy about reprising her role as Bridget, calling her one of the most beloved characters she has played. She couldn’t contain her happiness and anticipation about being back in that role.

The Physical actress continued: 'Bridget is getting married. She's getting captured. She's making peace between sisters. There's a lot going on that Bridget can help with in this new film. Bridget's getting married, and Poppy is planning the wedding so it has to be the most fun, amazing wedding in the world'

'It feels amazing to bring Trolls back to audiences. I am just so excited whenever I get to come in and record this character. I just love working on these movies so so happy! This is the best Trolls film that's ever been made'

The actress portraying the character Bridget shared, “Bridget is tying the knot, getting caught up in some drama, and playing mediator between sisters in the upcoming movie. With Bridget’s wedding on the horizon, Poppy is pulling out all the stops to ensure it’s the most epic and joyous celebration ever.”

Betrothed: Missing from Zooey's side was her fiancé of three months - Property Brothers producer-star Jonathan Scott (L, pictured Saturday) - as well as her daughter Elsie Otter, 8; and son Charlie Wolf, 6; (with ex-husband #2 Jacob Pechenik)

Engaged Zooey Deschanel attended an event without her fiancé Jonathan Scott and kids Elsie Otter and Charlie Wolf. She was spotted getting cozy with Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who voiced her character’s fiancé in Trolls Band Together. Deschanel posed with her castmates, including NSYNC, on the purple carpet, standing next to Anna Kendrick and Camila Cabello. Anna rocked a blue mini-dress and Louboutin slingbacks, while Camila stunned in a backless blue gown. Justin Timberlake, who has faced backlash recently, leaned on his NSYNC bandmates for support and arrived with his wife Jessica Biel.

Reunited! Deschanel cozied up to her onscreen leading man Christopher Mintz-Plasse (R), who voiced Bridget's fiancé Gristle Jr. in Trolls Band Together

Back together again! Deschanel was spotted getting comfortable with her colleague Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who provided the voice for Bridget’s love interest Gristle Jr. in the movie Trolls Band Together.

Jukebox musical comedy: The What Am I Eating producer-host also made sure to pose with her 10 castmates - including the entire boyband NSYNC - while on the purple carpet

The host of the musical comedy show “What Am I Eating” made sure to snap some photos with her cast of 10, which includes the full NSYNC boyband, on the vibrant purple carpet.

Ladies night! In the group shot, Zooey stood right next to her co-stars Anna Kendrick (L) and Camila Cabello (M)

Girls night out! In the group photo, Zooey posed alongside her fellow actresses Anna Kendrick (left) and Camila Cabello (middle).

Former child star: Anna added curves to her petite 5ft2in figure with a strapless blue mini-dress, featuring drapey peplums, and black slingback Louboutins

She relies on stylist Jordan Johnson Chung

Former child actress Anna flaunted her new curves in a stylish strapless blue mini-dress, complete with flowy peplums, and paired with black slingback Louboutins chosen by her stylist, Jordan Johnson Chung.

Weee! The 38-year-old Oscar nominee proudly posed with a life-size version of her Trolls character Queen Poppy

Yay! The 38-year-old actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar, happily took a photo with a full-size replica of her Trolls character Queen Poppy.

Cuban bombshell: Camila took the plunge in a backless blue patterned gown and black stilettos selected by styling duo Rob Zangardi + Mariel Haenn

She voices Poppy's long lost sister Viva in the movie

Sizzling Cuban superstar Camila, known for her role as Poppy’s sister Viva, turned heads in a stunning blue backless gown paired with elegant black stilettos personally chosen by the talented styling duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn.

Reunited: Justin Timberlake (2-R) - who's received significant backlash after his ex Britney Spears' tell-all The Women In Me - leaned on his bandmates-turned-castmates - (from L-R) Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone - for support

Back together again: Justin Timberlake, who has faced criticism following his former flame Britney Spears’ revealing book The Women In Me, turned to his former bandmates, now fellow actors, for comfort. Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Joey Fatone were there to support him during this difficult time.

The 42-year-old musical sensation, who has returned to the spotlight as Branch, made a stunning appearance on the purple carpet alongside his wife of 11 years, Jessica Biel. The couple turned heads with Jessica rocking a dazzling silver sequin mini-skirt.

United front: The 10-time Grammy winner - who beamed at the 41-year-old Emmy nominee - wore red-lensed sunglasses with a black-patterned cardigan and slacks selected by stylist Jason Bolden

Together as a team: The artist with 10 Grammy awards, who looked happy alongside the 41-year-old Emmy nominee, sported stylish red sunglasses paired with a chic black cardigan and trousers chosen by their stylist, Jason Bolden.

Funnyman: Comedian Eric André - who voiced John Dory - opted for a mint-green pleated suit made from virgin wool with white loafers sans socks

Comedian Eric André, known for his humor, donned a stylish mint-green pleated suit made from virgin wool for his role as John Dory. He completed the look with white loafers, rocking the no-socks trend with flair.

'Proud to be a troll!' The 40-year-old Prank Panelist is also known for romancing Inamorata CEO Emily Ratajkowski for a few weeks back in February

Delighted to embrace my trolling ways! The 40-year-old prankster is famous for dating Inamorata CEO Emily Ratajkowski for a short time in February.

Good Burger actor: Comedian Ron Funches - who voiced Cooper - went casual in a lavender tracksuit, yellow sneakers, and a blue beanie

Actor and comedian Ron Funches, known for his role in Good Burger as the voice of Cooper, opted for a laid-back look with a lavender tracksuit, stylish yellow sneakers, and a cozy blue beanie.

At the helm! Trolls Band Together director Walt Dohrn wore a navy-blue plaid blazer over a light-blue collared top, grey slacks, and brown Oxfords

Leading the pack was Trolls Band Together director Walt Dohrn, sporting a stylish navy-blue plaid blazer paired with a light-blue collared shirt, grey slacks, and brown Oxfords. The 10-time Grammy winner, looking radiant next to the 41-year-old Emmy nominee, accessorized with red-lensed sunglasses and a black-patterned cardigan and slacks curated by stylist Jason Bolden.

Meanwhile, comedian Eric André, the voice of John Dory, stood out in a mint-green pleated suit crafted from virgin wool and white loafers, opting for a sockless look. Eric, known for his brief fling with Inamorata CEO Emily Ratajkowski earlier in the year, exuded charm and charisma at the event.

On the other hand, comedian Ron Funches, who lent his voice to Cooper, kept it casual in a lavender tracksuit, yellow sneakers, and a blue beanie. Walt Dohrn, the man of the hour, once again turned heads in his navy-blue plaid blazer ensemble, showcasing his impeccable sense of style at the star-studded gathering.

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