Shining at the Golden Globes 2024: Jennifer Lopez unveils the hidden symbol behind her stunning earrings for Ben Affleck: A delightful surprise

Jennifer Lopez made a deliberate fashion choice at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, showcasing her intention behind her outfit. During an interview with Extra, the 54-year-old singer revealed that her hummingbird earrings from Boucheron held a special meaning for her and her husband, Ben Affleck. According to Lopez, these earrings symbolized “messengers of love,” and she wanted her fans to understand their significance when they watch her upcoming film. In addition to the hummingbird earrings, she adorned herself with diamond-studded accessories featuring tiny flying hummingbirds. It is worth noting that hummingbirds have become a recurring theme in both her new album and movie, titled This Is Me… Now, which serves as a follow-up to her previous work, This Is Me… Then, released two decades ago. Interestingly, while she was engaged to Affleck during the release of This Is Me… Then, they are now happily married during the release of This Is Me… Now. Fans can expect to see her new film on Amazon on February 16th.

Jennifer Lopez dressed with intention at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. The singer, 54, told Extra that her hummingbird earrings were a nod to her husband Ben Affleck. She wore diamond studded earrings that showed little flying hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are a theme for her new album and movie This Is Me... Now, a follow up to This Is Me... Then

During the 2024 Golden Globe Awards, Jennifer Lopez made a deliberate fashion statement. The 54-year-old singer revealed to Extra that her choice of hummingbird earrings held a special significance related to her husband, Ben Affleck. The exquisite diamond-studded earrings portrayed adorable hummingbirds in flight. Interestingly, these delightful creatures hold a significant theme in both her upcoming album and movie titled “This Is Me… Now,” which serves as a sequel to her previous project, “This Is Me… Then.”

'My earrings have a hummingbird ¿ it¿s hummingbird season. As you will see, these are little Easter eggs from my project, you will know what they mean when you see the film¿ It¿s on Amazon February 16,' said Lopez to Extra on Sunday

“My earrings feature a hummingbird design as a nod to hummingbird season. These little Easter eggs from my project will have a deeper meaning when you watch the film, which will be available on Amazon starting February 16,” Lopez shared with Extra on Sunday. She also proudly showcased a hummingbird ring from Boucheron.

In the past, Lopez expressed her admiration for hummingbirds, highlighting their agility in flight. “They can fly forward, backward, and up and down,” she explained. “To me, they are messengers of love.”

Opening up about her upcoming project, Lopez revealed, “It’s a passion project that has been in the works for many years. Since I released ‘This Is Me… Then,’ I never anticipated creating a ‘This Is Me… Now’ album twenty years later. However, fate led me to the same inspiration, and I decided to pursue it. I poured my heart and soul into making a film, and the first video will be released on Wednesday. I am truly excited.”

While discussing her passion for music, the multi-talented artist shared, “My music holds a special place in my heart. I started as a dancer, and I also have a love for acting and filmmaking. This project allowed me to combine all of my passions into one. I am involved in every aspect, from acting and singing to dancing and writing. I even had a hand in designing the costumes. As a music artist, I have the creative freedom to shape the project according to my vision. This film is the first where I had complete creative control.”

During a recent glitzy ceremony, the 54-year-old actress looked stunning in a dusky pale pink gown. She shared a passionate kiss with a Hollywood star despite enduring an awkward question about her marriage.

As Jennifer arrived at the event, it was evident that she was predominantly working the red carpet by herself. One of the most talked-about moments occurred when she was asked about the possibility of this being her “last” marriage. Responding to a Variety reporter, Lopez confidently stated, “When they say, ‘You know,’ you know.”

Lopez packed on the PDA with her husband Ben Affleck after he skipped the red carpet at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday

Lopez and her husband, Ben Affleck, indulged in some public displays of affection (PDA) following his decision to skip the red carpet at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday.

The actress stunned in a dusky pale pink gown as she shared a kiss with the Hollywood star at the glitzy ceremony

The Hollywood star locked lips with the actress as she dazzled the crowd in an elegant pale pink dress at the glamorous event.

J-Lo cosied up to her dapper husband at the awards after enduring an awkward question about her marriage on the red carpet

J-Lo cozying up to her stylish husband at the awards ceremony came after a rather uncomfortable question was posed to her about her marriage on the red carpet. In response, she chuckled and said, “There are times when even you don’t know… and you don’t know.” She further expressed that she believes in approaching relationships with the best intentions every time.

This incident sparked surprise and discontent among fans, who took to social media to voice their opinions about the “awkward” question. One user described it as a “mess” and criticized the host for seemingly shaming JLo by questioning the longevity of her previous marriages and her current one to Ben. Another user exclaimed in shock, “Did he actually ask JLo that?!”

Several tweets criticized the red carpet show, calling it “cringe” and labeling it as “garbage.” Some users argued that it was inappropriate and extremely uncomfortable to pose such a question to JLo, especially when she was there to support her husband.

During their red carpet appearance at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, JLo flaunted a stunning dress with a sweeping train and accessorized her look with a pink clutch embellished with crystals. At the event, Lopez and Affleck sat alongside Matt Damon and his spouse, Luciana Barroso. Affleck and Damon, childhood friends who famously won an Oscar for writing Good Will Hunting in 1998, recently collaborated on the film Air, set to be released in 2023.

One of the most viral moments of the evening occurred when she was asked how she knows if this will be her 'last' marriage

One of the most buzzworthy moments of the night happened when she was queried about her ability to determine if this would indeed be her ultimate union.

Lopez and Affleck sat at a table alongside Matt Damon and his spouse, Luciana Barroso, at the luxe event

Lopez and Affleck were seen casually seated at a table, accompanied by Matt Damon and his partner, Luciana Barroso, during the extravagant gathering.

Fans flocked to social media to express their surprise and also discontent that she was asked that 'awkward' question

Fans took to social media in droves, showcasing a mix of astonishment and dissatisfaction as they aired their grievances about the ‘uncomfortable’ query she was presented with.

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