Shakira’s Courageous Countenance Shines as She Grabs a Slice in Madrid, Amidst the Stunning End of Her 11-Year Relationship with Footballer Gerard Pique

Shakira confidently showcased a positive attitude on Friday following her recent announcement about her breakup with Gerard Pique. The talented singer, aged 45, appeared stunning in a fashionable mini dress with a V-neck, proving that she remains unaffected by the end of her relationship with the football star. Nonchalantly carrying a pizza box in her left hand, Shakira exuded a stylish vibe as she ventured around the streets of the Spanish capital, Madrid, building up an appetite for a delicious meal.

Head up: Shakira gamely put on a brave face on Friday as she carried a pizza box in Madrid after announcing her split from Gerard Pique earlier this week

Note: Shakira confidently displayed a positive demeanor on Friday in Madrid, despite her recent announcement of her separation from Gerard Pique, as she was spotted carrying a pizza box.

It's over! Shakira and her partner Gerard have announced their separation (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

The news we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived: Shakira and Gerard, her partner, have publicly announced their separation. The announcement comes as a shock to fans worldwide, as the couple seemed to have a strong and loving relationship. In an attempt to maintain her composure, Shakira showcased her impeccable style during this difficult time. She paired her outfit with ankle cowboy boots and a stunning tan handbag, proving that her fashion sense is still intact despite the emotional turmoil she is experiencing. To shield herself from the harsh sunlight, she donned a pair of aviator sunglasses, adding an air of mystery to her appearance. Shakira’s beautiful jet-black hair tumbled down in loose waves, elegantly framing her face and cascading over her shoulders. Despite the evident sadness in her eyes, she managed to wear a radiant palette of makeup, which accentuated her natural beauty. With a swipe of nude lipstick adding a touch of softness, she couldn’t help but let a slight smile tinkle through, showing her resilience in the face of heartbreak.

Gorgeous: The Columbian bombshell showed off her style credentials as she teamed the look with a pair of ankle cowboy boots and tan handbag

Stunning: The captivating beauty from Colombia flaunted her impeccable fashion sense by combining the outfit with ankle-length cowboy boots and a chic tan handbag.

Multitasking: Carrying a pizza box in her hands, the popstar looked stylish as she worked up an appetite while out and about in the Spanish capital

Engaged in Multiple Tasks: With a box of pizza delicately grasped in her hands, the renowned popstar exuded effortless style as she indulged her hunger on the bustling streets of Madrid.

Natural beauty: Shakira kept the sunshine at bay beneath a pair of aviator sunglasses while her raven tresses were style in loose waves which neatly fell over her shoulders

Shakira shielded herself from the sun’s rays with a trendy pair of aviator sunglasses, adding to her natural beauty. Her dark locks cascaded in soft waves, elegantly draping over her shoulders.

In recent news, the renowned artist, known for hits like “Whenever, Wherever,” announced her separation from Gerard Piqué, her partner of several years. The couple, who are loving parents to Milan, aged nine, and Sasha, aged seven, issued a joint statement to address their decision.

With a mix of regret and concern for their children’s well-being, Shakira and Gerard requested privacy during this challenging period. They emphasized that their kids remain their utmost priority, expressing gratitude in advance for understanding and respect.

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In 2011, the Grammy winner and the athlete went public with their relationship. However, recent rumors in the Spanish tabloids suggested that the couple was on the brink of a breakup due to cheating allegations against the athlete. According to El Periodico, they have been living separately for a few weeks after the pop star asked the athlete to leave their family home. Sources have claimed that the athlete has been leading a “party lifestyle” in his bachelor pad, frequently going out with his teammates. Neither party has addressed the cheating accusations, but journalist Emilio Pérez confirmed the separation, saying that “perhaps there is nothing left” between them. Representatives have not responded to requests for comment. This isn’t the first time the couple has faced split rumors, as similar claims emerged in 2017, suggesting that they were no longer living together and that Shakira had initiated the separation. These rumors followed weeks of speculation in the Colombian press, with sources stating that she could no longer handle the situation.

Split: According to the fan, the Barcelona defender, who split from his wife Shakira last month, allegedly refused to greet her football-loving son, prompting her to brand the star 'a loser' in a now-viral social media post

Evicted: According to Spanish publication El Periodico, the couple has recently started living apart after Shakira kicked Gerard Piqué out of their family home. The decision was reportedly made by the pop star herself, indicating a serious situation.

This apparent discord between the pair was also hinted at in Shakira’s latest hit, “Te Felicito,” featuring Rauw Alejandro. In the song, she sings about feeling broken and deceived, suggesting that something detrimental has happened in their relationship.

The couple’s love story began back in 2010 when they crossed paths while shooting the music video for Shakira’s World Cup anthem, “Waka Waka.” Piqué’s team went on to win the tournament that year, and Shakira performed during the final match. Despite their initial interaction, their romance didn’t blossom until the following year, marking the official beginning of their high-profile relationship.

Cheating claims: Neither party has addressed cheating claims but journalist Emilio Pérez reported: '(Shakira) has made the decision to separate. That is so. It has happened' (pictured 2019)

Allegations of cheating have been brought up but both parties involved have yet to address these claims directly. However, according to journalist Emilio Pérez, Shakira has supposedly made the choice to end the relationship. This is the current situation as reported by Pérez in 2019.

Earlier claims: The former power couple were hit by split claims in 2017, with it being claimed that the two were no longer living together and Shakira had instigated the split (pictured 2019)

Previous reports suggested that the famous celebrity couple faced rumors of a split in 2017. Speculations arose that Shakira and her partner were no longer living together, with Shakira supposedly being the one to initiate the separation. However, these claims were made in the past.
In autumn 2012, Shakira took to her Instagram to share exciting news with her fans. She announced her pregnancy with the famous football player’s son. This was a joyful moment for the couple.
Just two years after the birth of their first child, Milan, Shakira and her partner made another delightful revelation. They announced that they were expecting their second child, Sasha, who entered the world in 2015.
Despite not having any plans for a wedding, the couple has openly admitted that they enjoy their life as a family. During a recent episode of The Overlap, when speaking to Gary Neville, a popular football figure, the Spanish athlete revealed that he hadn’t proposed to Shakira because they are content with their relationship as it is. They find no need to change it.

Years together: Though the two corresponded in 2010, the relationship between the two mega-stars wouldn't officially take off until the start of 2011 (pictured 2012)

Duration of their relationship: While the two celebrities began exchanging messages in 2010, their romantic bond only truly commenced in early 2011 (captured in a photograph from 2012).

Baby on the way: In the fall of 2012, Shakira would use her Instagram platform to announce to fans that she was pregnant with the football star's son (pictured 2015)

Anticipating a new addition to their family, Shakira announced her pregnancy with football star Gerard Piqué through her Instagram platform in the autumn of 2012. Piqué, content with their current situation as a couple with their two children aged nine and seven, expressed that marriage was unnecessary for their relationship. Recently, when Piqué achieved his 600th appearance for Barcelona in March, Shakira took to social media to commemorate the milestone. However, earlier in March, Piqué risked the disapproval of his partner by claiming that playing against Espanyol was more enjoyable than sex during an interview on The Wild Project with YouTuber Jordi Wild. Piqué explained his delight in being whistled at by fans in the stadium and amusingly mentioned that he found it even more satisfying than playing against their rival team, Real Madrid.

The singer known for her irresistible hit “Hips Don’t Lie” previously expressed admiration for her boyfriend’s approach to parenting, emphasizing that he is an invaluable source of support in their shared journey of raising their children. According to her, he possesses a grounded demeanor and possesses a practical mindset when it comes to tackling challenges. In moments when she feels overwhelmed by the demands of organizing and balancing everything, he helps her gain perspective and navigate through it all.

Moreover, she highlights the fact that they both actively participate in parenting their children, emphasizing their commitment to being hands-on. This collaboration ensures that neither feels burdened with carrying the entire responsibility alone. However, she humorously admits that he may have a slightly more lenient stance on indulging their children in chocolate, a small difference in their parenting styles.

Shock: Back in March, the Barcelona FC defender risked the wrath of Shakira by claiming that playing against Espanyol was better than sex (pictured in 2019)

Surprise: In a surprising revelation earlier this year, the Barcelona FC defender sparked controversy by asserting that engaging in a match against Espanyol was more pleasurable than the act of intimacy itself. This incident raised eyebrows and possibly incurred the dissatisfaction of Shakira, his partner (depicted in a photograph from 2019).

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