Shakira Shows Off Her Multi-Tasking Skills in a Beach Commercial Shoot, accompanied by Son Milan

After the recent birth of her second son, Sasha, in January, Shakira wasted no time in returning to her work. She showcased her ability to balance motherhood with her successful pop career when she took her eldest son, Milan, to a commercial shoot in Spain. The 38-year-old looked stunning in a tiny gold bikini top and harem trousers, taking a break from her belly-dancing to shower attention on her two-year-old on the beautiful golden beaches of Tosse de Mar. You can watch the video below.

Mummy duties: Shakira was seen doting on her eldest son Milan on Thursday as she tried to film a commercial in Tossa de Mar, Spain

Motherly responsibilities: Shakira showcased her nurturing side as she devoted herself to her eldest son Milan during her attempt to film a commercial in the scenic town of Tossa de Mar, Spain. Balancing her hectic international schedule with her partner Gerard Pique’s involvement with Barcelona FC, it appeared that Shakira took charge of the children on Thursday. The striking blonde, who had already regained her incredible physique, seemed to be in promotional mode once again as she was capturing shots near the beach. With her hair styled in mesmerizing and effortless curls, Shakira exuded confidence as she confidently extended her arms out wide.

Back at her best: The mum-of-two, who gave birth in January, was at her belly-dancing best

Getting her groove back: The mother of two, who welcomed a new addition to her family in January, showcased her exceptional belly-dancing skills once again.

Snapped back: She has already achieved her body back

All smiles: She looked pleased to be back at work

Assured: The celebrity appeared to possess an unwavering sense of self-assurance despite being in her second pregnancy and showed no signs of diminished body confidence.

Protective: The yummy mummy tried to protect her little one's toes from the stones

Guardian: The scrumptious mom attempted to shield her baby’s tiny feet from the pebbles.

Excited: In his swimming shorts, Milan looked excited about heading down to the seafront

Eagerly Anticipating: Milan, donned in his colorful swimming shorts, seemed filled with excitement as he prepared to make his way towards the beautiful seafront. In a carefree moment, the talented singer, known for her hit song “Hips Don’t Lie,” showcased her bare feet, gracefully dancing on the wooden boardwalk while her body chains whispered with every movement around her well-toned waist. Later, as the sun began to set, the stunning mother, radiating warmth and love, played with her little one, exchanging joyful moments against the breathtaking backdrop. She elegantly covered herself in a soft, light grey robe, embracing both comfort and style. Milan, who recently embraced the role of a loving big brother earlier this year, sported his vibrant swimming shorts, matching it with a cool blue T-shirt, adding an extra splash of enthusiasm to their family outing.

Proud mummy: Shakira was later seen carrying her two-year-old through the streets

Happy mama: Shakira was spotted later strolling through the streets while tenderly holding her beloved toddler, who is now two years old.

Always smiling: She looked proud to show off little Milan to waiting fans

Constantly beaming: She appeared delighted as she proudly presented her adorable child, Milan, to the eager crowd.

Picture perfect: The duo were relishing some time alone together

Capturing a picturesque moment: The pair were savoring a blissful moment of solitude

Playful: He was doted on by the crew on the afternoon

Lighthearted: The crew showered him with attention that afternoon.

Is he heavy? She hoisted him up, pulling faces all the while

Is he a weighty burden? With playful expressions adorning her face, she lifted him off the ground.

Hard working: It's been only nine months since Shakira was with child

Yummy mummy: She was shooting for an advert

Staying cozy: As the evening sun began to set, Shakira wrapped herself in a comfortable robe. She had a protective aura as she carried her little one near the water’s edge, shielding his tiny bare feet from the stones. It was evident that she was happy to have her child join her for the shoot, and she beamed at fans who spotted her carrying him through the streets after filming concluded. Despite giving birth to her second child in January, Shakira seemed to have maintained her body confidence. She and Gerard started their family in early 2013, after meeting in the spring of 2010 and dating for a little over two years.

Commanding: The blonde was the only one that commanded attention

Captivating: Among the crowd, it was the blonde who effortlessly captivated everyone’s gaze.

Practise makes perfect: She was seen dancing alone on the platform with bare feet

Practice makes perfect: On the platform, a mesmerizing sight unfolded as she swayed and twirled, her bare feet gliding effortlessly.

Working it: She paraded along the pier with conviction by the sea

Strutting confidently by the shore, she strolled along the pier.

Dancing: The blonde didn't seem like she'd missed a minute of belly-dancing in her pregnancy

Dance Moves: The pregnant blonde effortlessly rocked her belly-dancing routine, showing no signs of missing a beat.

Superstar: The blonde was never without someone by her side

Celebrity: The radiant blondie always had a constant companion by her side.

Practise, practise: The singer put work into practising her moves before performing them

The artist dedicated time and effort to rehearsing her dance routine prior to showcasing it.

Enigmatic: She certainly knew how to capture all eyes

Mysterious: She had a knack for captivating every single gaze.

Shakira was in her element as she stood in front of a powerful wind machine.

Owning it: Shakira strutted her stuff for the cameras with pure confidence

Taking charge: Shakira confidently flaunted her moves in front of the lens with absolute self-assurance.

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