“Saving a Stray Feline with a Twinkling Gaze: A Story of Endless Appreciation”

Meet Stella, the store cat who was saved by a caring woman and now helps her in running the shop. She has a unique eye that makes her stand out.

Stella has incredibly colorful eyes due to a condition known as heterochromia iridum. However, she is a healthy and fluffy cat with good vision. According to Reddit user Tory_Rox, Stella is believed to be a mix of Maine Coon and Persian breeds, as Persians often have similar copper-colored eyes. Stella’s eyes function perfectly, and if you look closely, you can even see specks of natural green near the iris. The tabby cat was discovered two years ago, covered in burrs and scavenging for food scraps at the base of a cliff. She was thin and her fur was severely matted at the time.

In a heartwarming gesture, Kat Von G brought a stray kitten into her shop, providing it with food and cleaning it up. This act of kindness made the kitten feel safe and cared for. Surprisingly, the kitten decided to show her gratitude by assisting her in running the store. Tory_Rox mentioned, “People, including myself, often think she’s blind in one eye, but it’s actually just a unique coloration.”

Photo taken by Kat Von G
Instead of meowing, she has more of a squawk. She spends her days following me around and endlessly yelling at me. That’s why I affectionately refer to her as my supervisor,” shared Tory_Rox.
Stella looks quite relaxed while keeping a close eye on the humans.

Stella has daily visits from many customers who simply want to stop by and say hello at the shop. She greets them warmly as they enter the store.

Photo: Kat Von G
Stella has not only found a loving forever family, but she also reigns as the queen at the store, warmly welcoming visitors with joyful purrs and smiles every day.

Thanks to Kat Von G for the photo! Don’t forget to share this story with your pals. Shoutout to Tony_Rox for the support!

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