Samuel L. Jackson Takes on the Role of a Legendary Gangster in Kevin Hart’s Captivating Muhammad Ali Chronicles

Two beloved actors, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Hart, have been cast in an exciting new limited series on Peacock that delves into the world of true crime and focuses on the legendary figure, Muhammad Ali.

Pulp Fiction and the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson from Marvel’s movies have secured roles in Peacock’s upcoming true crime limited series called Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist. Peacock gave the green light to the series in December 2023, and according to Variety, Jackson will be portraying the renowned gangster Frank Moten, also known as “the Black Godfather,” as referred to in the media.

Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist is actually adapted from the popular podcast titled Fight Night. Apart from Jackson, the series will also feature Kevin Hart, who will not only act but also serve as an executive producer. Will Packer, the producer of the podcast, will also be involved in producing this limited series. This project will also mark the reunion of Jackson and director Craig Brewer, as they had previously worked together on the film Black Snake Moan in 2006. Brewer is slated to direct two episodes of Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist.

The upcoming limited drama, Fight Night: The Million Dollar Heist, will revolve around the night of Muhhammad Ali’s historic comeback fight against Jerry Quarry on October 26, 1970. Ali had been banned from boxing prior to this bout due to his refusal to join the military draft. Set in Atlanta, Georgia, the drama will primarily focus on the infamous armed robbery incident that occurred at an after-party attended by hundreds of guests. This robbery went on to become one of the most significant heists in history.

The official description promises to unveil the notorious tale of how a robbery committed during Muhammad Ali’s historic 1970 comeback fight not only altered one man’s life but also changed the destiny of an entire city. The miniseries on Peacock is the brainchild of writer and creator Shaye Ogbonna, known for his work on “The Chi,” who will also take on the roles of showrunner and executive producer alongside Jason Horwitch from “Echo 3.”

What’s next in store for the multi-talented Samuel L. Jackson? This highly accomplished actor earned critical acclaim with an Academy Award nomination for his performance in “Pulp Fiction” and was honored with a prestigious award in 2022. Despite already boasting a staggering 200 acting credits, Samuel L. Jackson shows no signs of slowing down and has a plethora of exciting projects lined up for the future.

Jackson has secured a new role in the upcoming action thriller, “The Beast,” where he will portray the President of the United States. While his most notable role of the past decade was Nick Fury in the MCU, he has reprised this character in various projects such as the Marvel-Disney+ series “Secret Invasion,” the sequel to “Captain Marvel” titled “The Marvels,” and the animated series “What If…?” Although there is no specific information about his future projects in the MCU, Jackson is set to voice the character Vic in “The Garfield Movie” in 2024. Additionally, he will appear in Henry Cavill’s spy film “Argylle.” On top of his acting commitments, Jackson will produce a live-action film adaptation of “Afro Samurai” and star in Terry McDonough’s “Damaged” as well as Kenny Leon’s drama “Last Meals.”

As of now, there is a lack of information regarding the release date of ‘Fight Night’ due to Samuel L. Jackson’s hectic schedule. However, fans can look forward to seeing him in ‘Argylle’ which is set to premiere on February 2, 2024. This information was sourced from

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