“Rising Above the Critics: Kevin Hart Embraces Hate as Motivation to Amplify his Comedy Career”

On Tuesday, Kevin Hart used Twitter to stand up for his comedy in the face of critics. The 41-year-old comedian shared his thoughts with his 36.6 million followers in a series of passionate tweets. “I’m ready to take them on today,” Kevin began his tweetstorm.

Twitter defense: Kevin Hart, shown in April, took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend his comedy against critics

In response to critics, Kevin Hart took to Twitter to defend his comedy career. He proudly pointed out that he has three stand-up comedy specials that are among the top 10 highest-grossing of all time, with two of them ranking in the top 3. Not only has he been the highest-grossing comedian in entertainment for years, but he has also earned over 4 billion at the box office. Kevin emphasized that he has diversified his talents into various revenue streams, including branding and radio. Despite facing hate and slander, he sees it as motivation to achieve even more. In a more conciliatory tone, Kevin acknowledged his critics for adding fun to the industry, stating that it’s not just about reaching the top but also about staying there.

High grosser: The 41-year-old comedian during his tweetstorm pointed out that he has been the highest grossing comedian in entertainment and has $4 billion in box office earnings

Big earner: In a series of tweets, the 41-year-old funnyman proudly declared that he holds the title of the top-earning comedian in showbiz, boasting an impressive $4 billion in box office revenue.

Not funny: The comedian took on the 'slander' of critics saying 'He's not funny'

The comedian responded to critics who claimed he was not funny by calling out their ‘slander’. He emphasized the importance of not believing misleading headlines and encouraged people to actually read the articles. Kevin also quoted a new J. Cole song, Applying Pressure, to support his defense. He reminded everyone of the message in the song that if you’re laughing at a millionaire, the joke is on you. Finally, he concluded by urging everyone to go back to enjoying life and spreading love and laughter.

Rare occurrence: Kevin noted that his self-defense was a rare occurrence

Uncommon event: Kevin pointed out that his need to defend himself was a rare occurrence.

On top: The stand-up star said it was about 'doing your best to stay on top after you get there'

At the peak of his career, the comedian shared that success is all about “working hard to maintain your position once you reach the top.”

Multiple streams: Kevin also pointed out his various business ventures

Kevin highlighted his various business endeavors in a recent statement. Additionally, he urged his followers to listen to his SiriusXM radio show “Straight From The Hart,” promising an entertaining episode. In a recent interview, Kevin criticized celebrity cancel culture and expressed his belief that consequences should only be imposed for truly harmful actions, not for trivial matters. He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between serious wrongdoing and baseless accusations.

New song: The Philadelphia native then referenced the new J. Cole song Applying Pressure as he concluded his defense

Fresh track: The singer from Philadelphia made a nod to J. Cole’s latest tune, Applying Pressure, as he wrapped up his justification.

Cancel commentary: Kevin, shown in February 2020 in Miami, in an interview with The Sunday Times slammed celebrity cancel culture after reflecting on his decision to stand down as presenter of the 2019 Oscars

Kevin, who was photographed in Miami in February 2020, spoke out against the trend of cancelling celebrities in an interview with The Sunday Times. He discussed his choice to step down as the host of the 2019 Oscars.

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