“Out-of-this-World Performer: Katy Perry Rocks Futuristic Ensemble and Silly Expressions at Radio 1’s Big Weekend”

Written by Sara Malm, originally posted on May 25th, 2014 at 7:01 PM EDT and updated on May 27th, 2014 at 11:35 PM EDT.

Power woman: Katy Perry looked like a woman possessed as she took to the Main Stage at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Glasgow o Sunday

Powerful lady: Katy Perry appeared completely in her element as she graced the Main Stage at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Glasgow on a Sunday.

BBC BNOC: Miss Perry was, quite literally, the centre of attention as the closing act of the two-day event at Glasgow Green

The BBC Big Name on Campus, or BNOC, was none other than Miss Perry who stole the show as the headline act at the final performance of the festival held at Glasgow Green.

From the gut: Katy sang from the heart and her passion was reflected in her facial expressions

Straight from her soul: Katy belted out her songs with raw emotion, her deep love for music shining through in every line of her face.

Fashion mashing: The singer managed to get futuristic, tribal and disco all into one with her unusual two-piece

Fashion fusion: The artist successfully blended futuristic, tribal, and disco elements in a unique two-piece ensemble.

More mix-up: Miss Perry was surrounded by dancers whop managed to look like samurai warriors and members of a long-lost African tribe all in one

Another mishmash of cultures: Miss Perry found herself surrounded by dancers who appeared to be a blend of samurai warriors and members of a forgotten African tribe.

Fighting back: A lot of Perry's choreography promoted her as a roaring powerhouse - quite rightly

Pushing back: Perry’s dance routines often showcased her as a fierce, dominant force – and she totally nailed it.

Do you hear the people sing? Katy holds out the microphone to her audience during her performance on Sunday night

Can you listen to the crowd singing? Katy engages with her fans by offering them the microphone during her Sunday night show.

More battles: You could certainly hear Katy Perry roar during her set on the main stage

Katy Perry performs live at Radio 1's Big Weekend  at Glasgow Green on May 25, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland

Additional clashes: Without a doubt, Katy Perry’s powerful voice was in full force during her performance on the main stage.

In charge: Ms Perry, believed to be single once more, showed the crowd exactly how independent women do

Taking the lead: Ms. Perry, who is rumored to be back on the market, demonstrated to the audience the power and strength of single, independent women.

A skip and a jump: More bright and flashing colours for Katy as she grabbed hold of a LED skipping rope

Katy added some extra pizzazz to her workout routine by incorporating a vibrant LED jump rope that lit up in dazzling colors as she skipped and jumped.

Solo: Meanwhile John Mayer was seen having dinner alone in West Hollywood

Solo: In the meantime, John Mayer was spotted enjoying a meal by himself in West Hollywood.

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