Oops! Kevin Hart takes a tumble during a dance-off at friend’s wedding reception

Kevin Hart, a well-known comedian, has a great sense of humor and doesn’t hesitate to make fun of himself. This was evident when he took a tumble while dancing at a friend’s wedding reception on Sunday. The funny moment was caught on camera and Kevin, 39, shared it on his Instagram, jokingly claiming that he pretended to be injured from the fall.

Ouch! Kevin Hart, 39, completely wiped out while dancing for his friends at a wedding reception on Sunday

Yikes! Kevin Hart, 39, took a tumble while showing off his dance moves at a friend’s wedding reception on Sunday. The funny mishap happened while he was celebrating the marriage of his trainer, Ron Everline, and his new bride.

Despite the rainy weather, the wedding party still went on to enjoy the after party. Kevin, in a festive mood, decided to bust a move in front of the other guests. He was dressed in dress slacks and a black hoodie with ‘His and hers’ printed on it for the special occasion.

Get it: Getting into the spirit of the celebrations, Kevin began to break it down in front of the other guests

Kevin got into the festive mood and started showing off his dance moves in front of the other attendees.

Entertainer: The father of three began to do a two step hip-hop combo as his pals gathered around him, cheering him on and clapping to the beat

The entertainer, a father of three, busted out a hip-hop dance combo as his friends gathered around, cheering and clapping along to the beat. Unfortunately, his performance was cut short when Kevin slipped on the wet ground and took a tumble. Despite hitting the floor hard, he quickly bounced back up, leaving the onlookers gasping in shock while snapping pictures of the unexpected moment.

Timber: But it wasn't long before Kevin toppled over, slipping on the wet ground

Timber: However, it didn’t take much time for Kevin to lose his balance and fall down due to slipping on the damp surface.

Awkward: Kevin hit the floor hard, but popped right back up as the onlookers gasped and snapped pictures

Kevin took a tumble to the ground, but quickly bounced back up as spectators gasped and captured the moment with their cameras.

To share his embarrassing mishap, Kevin took to Instagram and posted the full video, jokingly adding, ‘I decided to show you all here first….dancing in the rain was not my best move.’ He playfully blamed his trainer for the fall and complained about his hip now causing him pain.

However, despite his dramatic fall, Kevin reassured his followers that he wasn’t seriously injured as it may have seemed.

Always a comedian: 'The entire crowd yelled out ¿OH NOOOOO¿ ¿Kevin Hart Just bust his a**¿ ....I didn¿t no what to do so I faked an injury....jokes on y¿all b*tches because I ain¿t hurt,' he finished

Always the entertainer: As the audience collectively gasped at my tumble, shouting “OH NOOOOO” and “Kevin Hart just busted his a**,” I found myself unsure how to react. So, I decided to play it up and fake an injury. Little did they know, the joke was on them because I wasn’t actually hurt,’ he declared.
Following the incident, Hart took to social media to share photos of the mishap. Reflecting on the moment, he humorously wrote, ‘As you get older, taking a fall becomes the scariest thing ever…My life flashed before my eyes as I went down,’ accompanied by a series of laughing emojis.

Too good: After composing himself, Hart posted about the moment again, sharing pictures of the slip up

So funny: After pulling himself together, Hart revisited the moment and posted pictures of his blunder. Kevin’s longtime trainer has previously talked about his experience working with the comedian. Ron revealed to KTLA that Kevin’s non-stop chatter is what causes him the most trouble. “Trying to silence him is the real challenge, he just can’t keep quiet… he’s always cracking jokes and talking about me all day,” he chuckled. The actor, who stars in The Upside, is now happily married to Eniko Parrish, 34, after his divorce from Torrei Hart in 2011. Eniko tied the knot with Kevin in 2016 and stood by him even after his admission of infidelity while she was expecting their child. They have a one-year-old son named Kenzo together, while Kevin also has two children, Hendrix, 11, and Heaven, 14, with Torrei. Currently, the Ride Along star is focused on three upcoming projects: My Own Worst Enemy, The Great Outdoors, and Monopoly.

Marriage woes: Eniko married Kevin in 2016 and stuck by him after he confessed to cheating on her while she was pregnant with their child. Pictured in 2019

Eniko tied the knot with Kevin in 2016 and stood by his side even after he admitted to being unfaithful while she was expecting their child. This photo was taken in 2019.

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