Meet Thor: The Bengal Cat who is capturing the hearts of social media users everywhere!

Meet one of the most beautiful cats in the world - Thor the Bengal!

Thor, now 7 years old, is a remarkable Bengal cat, a unique mix of a household cat and an Asian leopard cat. His captivating green eyes, along with his striking tiger stripes and leopard spots, have propelled him to online stardom.

Rani Cucicov, the happy owner of the incredible cat Thor, was completely smitten by his charming personality when she stumbled upon him at a cattery in the Netherlands in 2013. During a chat with HuffPost, Cucicov shared, “We were originally there to check out a different kitten, but then the breeder mentioned she had another one up for grabs. That’s when she brought out Thor and we were immediately captivated by his stunning ‘orange brown’ fur.”

Rani and Thor’s connection was undeniable from the moment they met. Rani immediately recognized that Thor, with his mesmerizing golden shimmer and Bengal heritage, was no ordinary house cat.

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