Meet the Adorable Cat Spoiling You with Yoda-like Charm: The Perfect Feline Companion for Cat Lovers

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The cat’s newfound popularity isn’t exactly new, as the rescue community has previously used famous lookalikes to help with pet adoptions. Back in 2016, an Oriental Shorthair that looked like Adam Driver aka Kylo Ren was quickly adopted. But now, a black-and-white kitty is stealing the spotlight for her uncanny resemblance to Baby Yoda, the internet sensation of recent weeks. Some fans have even noticed her likeness to Dobby the house elf and other famous characters.

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Aviles plans to use the fame of Yoda cat to send an important message to those looking for a unique-looking pet that could potentially become the next internet sensation. The message is clear: consider reaching out to local shelters and rescues! While only one family can adopt a cat that goes viral online, there are countless animals waiting for a caring home in shelters throughout the country. These shelters are always inundated with strays and are working hard to care for them and find them forever homes. If unsuccessful applicants for Yoda cat’s adoption visit their local shelters, they may find another animal that steals their heart instantly.

Even if you’re not ready to bring a pet home right now, you can still reach out to a nearby shelter to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Shelter staff are often overwhelmed and have to divide their attention among too many animals, so they welcome volunteers who can provide personalized attention to the animals during their time at the shelter.

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