Meet Nora: The Whiskered Star with No Ears

Meet Nora, the sensational feline from Wisconsin who has taken the internet by storm, despite her unique condition. Nora, formerly a street cat, sadly lost the outer flaps of her ears due to chronic infections. However, her story took a turn for the better when a local vet rescued her and provided the necessary surgery to treat her ear canals.

Initially, Nora’s distinctive appearance posed a challenge in finding her a permanent home. But that all changed in January 2020 when veterinary nurse H Due and their wife decided to adopt her. Nora, a domestic shorthair grey tabby mix, still possesses her eardrums and canals, granting her the ability to hear just like any other cat.

Nora’s favorite pastime is a rather leisurely one – sleeping. Often found next to the couple’s three-legged dog, Matilda, this adorable feline can doze off for an impressive 20 hours a day. Despite her physical differences, Nora showcases no fear and eagerly welcomes both humans and fellow furry friends with open paws.

A picture of Nora the cat

Nora has become incredibly popular on social media due to her delightful personality. Despite her lack of real ears, she has no trouble getting along with other cats and enjoys cozying up with dogs. Surprisingly, Nora doesn’t appear to be any more sensitive to sound than typical cats. Despite having an assortment of knitted faux ears, she has never needed to wear earmuffs. Her owner describes her as a typical relaxed and easygoing feline. On Instagram, one of her followers commented on her photo, noting how adorable and endearing she looks, even without ears.

Nora the cat

According to a recent post by Jam Press/, the cat showcased in the photograph is in superb condition. People couldn’t help but gush over her cuteness, with one commenter even expressing their desire to provide her with a forever home. Additionally, another individual took a moment to acknowledge the cat’s stunning beauty, remarking that it extends beyond just her lustrous coat. For more details, continue reading…

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