Kitte’s Quest for the Perfect Lap: Finding a Home in Every Heart

Four young cats discovered a caring household that took them in and made a pact to doze off on anyone’s legs they encountered.

cuddly orange kitten

Laura Malone, a director at Mini Cat Town in San Jose, California, received a call last month about four orphaned kittens in need of foster care. The tiny quartet, only 1.5 weeks old, were brought to the shelter and were in need of bottle feeding. Laura quickly stepped in to provide round-the-clock care, ensuring the kittens were clean and snuggled up in a cozy nest.

litter of four kittens

The kittens were brought to the city shelter as homeless babies.
Laura Malone, a volunteer at Mini Cat Town, took care of the kittens. Among them were Cinna (a tabby kitten) who struggled to feed from the bottle initially, while the others, Finnick (an orange kitten), Primrose (a tabby kitten), and Rue (a black kitten), adapted to their new environment quickly.
Laura recounted how Cinna had difficulty gaining weight and adjusting initially, but eventually, he turned things around and learned how to feed properly after a couple of days.

sleeping kittens

Mini Cat Town provided shelter for the kittens and helped them find a temporary home. Laura Malone, a caregiver at Mini Cat Town, looked after the kittens who were great at taking naps and would often fall asleep together. As they grew stronger and started wandering around, they became more eager for cuddles and affection from their human companions.

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Once their health improved, they began seeking more attention, said Laura Malone from Mini Cat Town. “At first, they would just sleep after eating, showing signs of being unwell. But now, they’re full of energy and playfulness after every meal,” she shared happily. Laura’s husband, Foster Dad, was equally excited to provide the care and love these cats needed.

lap kittens, real men love cats

The foster father paid a visit to spend time with the group of four kittens at Mini Cat Town. He spent the day giving each kitten some snuggle time, and in exchange, Finnick provided him with some companionship by snuggling in his pocket during his Monday work meetings.

cuddly kitten

Finnick quickly turned into a cozy snuggle buddy at Laura Malone’s Mini Cat Town. In just three weeks, they hit the impressive one-pound mark, filling their foster parents with pride. As soon as it was time for the kittens to start eating solid food, Finnick and Cinna dove right into canned food, showing their love for it, while Rue and Primrose took a more cautious approach, curious but preferring to ease into it.

lap kittens

Laura Malone from Mini Cat Town noticed that all four kittens were making themselves comfortable on the laps they came across. They were feeding well and becoming chubby and lively. Once they were able to walk on their own, they discovered their favorite napping spots. The kittens would curl up on a warm lap and drift off to sleep.

lap kittens

Drowsy kitten on someone’s lap
Laura Malone at Mini Cat Town
They had no problem claiming the laps of visitors for their afternoon snoozes.
These five-week-old cat siblings are becoming more lively and loving as time goes on. Raised by hand, they have formed a close bond with their humans.

sleeping lap kitten

Laura Malone, the caretaker at Mini Cat Town, is excited to see the litter of four kittens grow and develop over the next few weeks. Soon, they will be looking for their forever homes, filled with cozy laps to curl up on and caring people to shower them with affection.

cuddly kittens

Laura Malone is the proprietor of Mini Cat Town

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