Kevin Hart’s Take on Comedy at Award Ceremonies: Responding to Jo Koy’s Golden Globe Criticism

Kevin Hart has expressed that he has no intentions of hosting the Oscars due to the negative response that comedians often face when taking on such a role.

Kevin Hart, the popular actor and comedian, recently shared his opinion on hosting awards shows, based on his own personal experiences and the recent fumble by Jo Koy at the Golden Globes. In an interview with Sky News, Hart made it clear that he has no intention of hosting another awards ceremony. Despite having previously hosted for BET and MTV, as well as being initially confirmed as the host for the 91st Academy Awards, Hart faced backlash and ultimately stepped down due to controversy surrounding his past tweets. However, Hart has since bounced back from the incident, even documenting the aftermath in his Netflix docuseries released in 2019. When asked about the possibility of hosting the Academy Awards again, Hart firmly stated that he has no interest, leaving no room for hope.

Hart clarified that he is engaging in honest conversations with award-giving bodies, but he firmly believes that comedians are no longer welcome as hosts in such events. “Those gigs are not suitable for comics,” he stated. “I’m not criticizing the Oscars, the Globes, or any other awards. It’s just that these environments are no longer comedy-friendly.” While Hart may be speaking from his own personal experiences, the same can be said about recent disappointments like Jo Koy’s underwhelming Golden Globes monologue and Chris Rock’s Oscars joke fiasco. However, Hart did acknowledge fellow comedians Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler as standout exceptions. Is there no longer a place for comedians at awards shows?

“I believe there was one year where they had a great concept for the hosts – it was just a group of personalities taking on the role. I think that’s a nice approach because it becomes a collaborative effort, with different people responsible for different parts of the show. However, the days of it solely being a platform for comedians are over,” he commented. Hart also mentioned that industry comics, who have established relationships within the industry, have an easier time roasting celebrities without facing negative backlash. He referenced Jo Koy’s monologue, which has received criticism for his jokes about Barbie, Taylor Swift, and other Golden Globe nominations.

Hart, along with fellow comedians Steve Martin and Whoopi Goldberg, came to Jo Koy’s defense after some of his jokes didn’t land well during the awards show. “It’s not like it used to be,” Hart explained. “There’s too much pressure on what a comedian can and can’t say. It’s tough.” Currently starring in the heist film Lift, Hart even jokes that he prefers the company of action film actors now. “I’ve been a guest in other people’s houses up until now, but I finally feel at home. Me, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis – just a group of guys I can relate to.”

The acclaimed movie “Lift” can now be enjoyed on the popular streaming platform Netflix. On March 10th, film enthusiasts can also tune in to the 96th Academy Awards, where the talented Jimmy Kimmel will serve as the host. You can find more information on this news from the reliable source

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