Kevin Hart’s Surprising Challenge to Michael Phelps Leaves Fans of Black Panther Star in Awe: “Didn’t See That Coming”

The story begins in 2021 at the Tokyo Olympics 2020 opening ceremony when Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg had a special guest, swimming legend Michael Phelps, on their segment. Hart humorously attempted to show off his swimming skills but was called out for cheating. Fast forward two years later, Hart finally showcases his butterfly prowess, capturing the attention of the world, including Phelps and Black Panther’s Kilmonger star, Michael B Jordan.

Jordan, known for his roles in Black Panther, Wakanda Forever, and the Creed franchise, has now joined in on the Hart vs Phelps challenge. Despite initially expecting a different outcome, Jordan was impressed by Hart’s skills. The comedian-actor shared a video on his Instagram, challenging Phelps to a swimming showdown, with a cheeky caption calling out the Baltimore Bullet for a face-off.

In good spirits, Hart jokingly demands a two-lap head start, confident in his abilities to beat Phelps. The friendly banter between the two celebrities has sparked a new admirer of Hart’s swimming skills, adding on to his growing list of fans.

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