Kevin Hart’s Response to Katt Williams Accusation: Wishing Him nothing but the Best

During a podcast interview in January, Williams referred to Hart as a “gatekeeper”.

Kevin Hart has addressed the recent criticism he received from comedian Katt Williams, who accused Hart of taking all his movie roles. This added fuel to the fire in their ongoing feud, with Williams also targeting other comedians like Chris Tucker, Cedric the Entertainer, and Steve Harvey. Hart responded by dismissing Williams’ comments as mere “entertainment.” In an interview with the Wall Street Journal magazine, Hart expressed his well wishes for Williams, stating that he hopes Williams gets everything he desires and that he’s rooting for him from a distance.

“That’s my true passion,” he stated confidently. “I really mean it! That’s how content and fulfilled I am with my career and personal life.”
While this wasn’t the first time Williams had publicly criticized Hart, his appearance on Club Shay Shay gained widespread attention for his grievances, which included Williams claiming that Hart had taken roles he had been considered for.
“During a five-year period, every movie that Kevin Hart starred in was originally presented to me, and all I had asked was for some minor adjustments before accepting the role,” Williams revealed in January, implying that Hart would secure the parts even after he had suggested changes.

“I told them my standards, they said no problem, then passed it on to someone else who did it exactly the same way and now I’m the bad guy for sticking to what I believe in,” Williams expressed. “It’s a curious situation, but I wouldn’t change it for anything – after all, I always end up making the right choices.”

Along with Hart and Haddish, Williams has criticized Cedric the Entertainer in the past, suggesting that their success came too early in their careers. In a podcast interview from January, Williams referred to Hart as a “gatekeeper” and credited him for opening doors for Haddish.

Additionally, Williams accused Cedric the Entertainer of stealing a joke for his Original Kings of Comedy special. Cedric responded to the allegation in the comments section of an Instagram post related to the podcast.

“Despite any revisionist history, Katts’ opinions don’t define my career,” he stated. “I’ve been in over 40 movies and my specials and brand speak for themselves.”

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