Kevin Hart’s plea to NBA: Let’s reconsider giving Nikola Jokic MVP titles for the sake of the game…

During a segment on NBA Unplugged, Kevin Hart shared his views on Nikola Jokic and the highly anticipated 2024 MVP competition. Hart didn’t hold back and openly expressed his concerns about Jokic clinching another MVP title this season, a feat that would place him among basketball’s greatest players.

According to Hart, giving Nikola Jokic more MVP awards wouldn’t be beneficial for the NBA. Kevin also agreed with Cedric the Entertainer, stating that Jokic’s performance this season doesn’t quite measure up to other contenders like Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. While Jokic is having a solid year, it doesn’t feel as dominant as Gilgeous-Alexander’s season.

In the eyes of Kevin Hart and his friends, Jokic hasn’t quite reached the level of a three-time MVP winner. It seems that Jokic’s laid-back attitude may not sit well with many observers. Recently, former NBA player Gilbert Arenas took a shot at Jokic, and now Kevin Hart is joining in on the light-hearted teasing of the two-time MVP winner. It’s worth noting that only a handful of players in NBA history have won three MVP awards, and they are considered some of the greatest players in basketball history.

So far, only a handful of basketball greats like Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James have claimed three or more MVP titles. Nikola Jokic is on the cusp of joining this elite club, but his lack of playoff success still holds him back.
After leading the Nuggets to their first championship, Jokic has solidified his status as a top NBA player. However, to be mentioned in the same breath as these legends, he must prove himself in the postseason consistently. With the Nuggets currently dominating the Western Conference, Jokic has a good chance to secure his third MVP and cement his legacy in basketball history.

The Joker came close to winning his third MVP last season, but Joel Embiid managed to edge him out in the end. However, after leading the Nuggets to a championship and being named Finals MVP in June, Jokic has proven himself as a deserving candidate for the MVP award this year.

From the beginning of the season, Jokic has been a standout player with impressive stats – averaging 26.4 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 9.0 assists on 57% shooting. The Nuggets have benefited greatly from his talent, especially with key players like Jamal Murray, Michael Porter Jr., and Aaron Gordon supporting him on the court.

With injuries sidelining many top players, including Joel Embiid, it seems like the MVP title is Jokic’s to lose this season. Barring an unexpected surge from someone like Luka Doncic, it’s almost certain that the award will go to the Joker.

Jokic is currently focused solely on the playoffs and the challenges that lie ahead as he aims to defend the NBA title. Whether or not he wins the MVP award, Jokic remains the top player in the league until someone can prove otherwise, and all roads to the West go through him.

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