Kevin Hart’s Belfast Adventure: A Behind-The-Scenes Peek into the Making of “Lift”

In an unexpected twist that left the whole city buzzing, the hilarious comedian made quite the entrance when he surprised everyone with an impromptu performance at Lavery’s Comedy Club in the year 2022.

Kevin Hart’s latest action film, Lift, is now available on Netflix. The thriller portrays a skilled thief (portrayed by Hart) who is tempted by his former love interest and the FBI to carry out a seemingly impossible heist. The majority of the movie was filmed in Northern Ireland during 2022.

During the shooting period, Kevin embraced Belfast as his temporary home. From March to July, the comedian soaked up the Northern Irish atmosphere and made the most of his time there. Not only was he seen on set in iconic locations like the Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast city center and Ward Park in Bangor, but he also made headlines by spontaneously performing intimate comedy shows around the city.

In March 2022, comedy enthusiasts were in for an unexpected treat when they purchased tickets to Lavery’s Comedy Club. Normally showcasing local talent in their weekly stand-up shows, the audience received more than they could have ever anticipated. Kevin Hart surprised everyone by announcing a special performance at Limelight on March 19. The highly sought-after tickets for this elusive gig sold out within minutes.

On the same occasion, he impressed and delighted his fans at Lavery’s with the support of local comedy legends Colin Geddis and Shane Todd, who would continue to accompany him throughout his performances in the city. It seemed like Kevin couldn’t resist the excitement of Belfast audiences, as he kept adding more dates at the Limelight to try out his new comedy special, ‘Reality Check,’ before taking it on tour. To ensure a truly immersive experience, the audience was asked to surrender their devices prior to the show.

During his time performing at The Limelight, Hart expressed how much he missed the electrifying atmosphere of doing stand-up comedy during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a finale to his stint on the Northern Ireland comedy circuit, he granted his eager fans a greater opportunity to secure tickets by bringing the show to Belfast’s SSE Arena on Sunday, June 19.

But it wasn’t all work and no play for Hart during his stay in the city. He generously shared glimpses of his local adventures on his social media platforms, giving fans a taste of how he made the most of his time in Belfast.

The Hart family visited The Kitchen Bar, a popular bar and restaurant in Belfast city centre, in April to experience the local hospitality scene. Kevin shared photos of his wife and children enjoying a delicious meal, along with some creamy pints of Guinness. He made sure to mention that his older children were trying out Guinness 0.0. He also took the time to take pictures with the staff members who kindly asked for a quick photograph after their meal. The Kitchen Bar expressed their excitement about welcoming Kevin Hart and his family on social media, adding that they couldn’t wait to see his new film.

But it wasn’t all about Guinness and dining out for Kevin. He also stayed active by visiting a local boxing gym to showcase his skills on the pads. Tribe Boxing Gym in South Belfast had the privilege of hosting Hart in their ring, with owner and professional boxer Ray Ginley giving him a lesson or two on a powerful Belfast left hook.

Ray expressed admiration for Kevin Hart and his comedic talent, stating that he is a force to be reckoned with. Ray also mentioned the privilege of working with Kevin, emphasizing their strong work ethic. After almost two years, the reason for Ray’s enjoyable time in the city is now accessible on Netflix, providing a source of humor and a fun game of identifying Northern Ireland locations.

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