“Kevin Hart showcases his physique with his stunning girlfriend on vacation in St. Barth’s”

Getaway: Kevin Hart, 34, was seen on vacation at Saint Barthélemy in the French West Indies on Sunday

Vacation Time: Kevin Hart, aged 34, was spotted enjoying a relaxing getaway at the beautiful island of Saint Barthélemy in the French West Indies over the weekend.

She's a model: Kevin's girlfriend Eniko wore a sexy black bikini

She's a model: Kevin's girlfriend Eniko wore a sexy black bikini

Kevin’s girlfriend Eniko, who is a model, confidently showed off her stunning figure in a sleek black bikini.

Couples retreat: Rapper Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie joined Kevin and Eniko on vacation

Romantic getaway: Hip-hop artist Ludacris and his partner Eudoxie tagged along with Kevin and Eniko on a relaxing vacation.

Threes a crowd: Ludacris's body looked a bit unflattering when compared to buff Kevin

Ludacris’s physique didn’t quite measure up to Kevin’s muscular build in a small group photo.

Looking fit: The 34-year-old comedian was looking quite toned as he conversed with his girlfriend Eniko Parrish

Appearing in great shape, the 34-year-old funnyman was showing off his toned physique while chatting with his partner, Eniko Parrish.

Sun hat: Kevin wore a cool black hat while soaking up some sun shirtless

Kevin sported a stylish black sun hat as he lounged in the sun without a shirt.

That's Ludacris: The rapper looked happy and relaxed on vacation

This is Ludacris: The hip-hop artist appeared cheerful and at ease while enjoying his vacation.

Island hopping: Ludacris posted this photo onto his Instagram and captioned it: ''Vacation Killas! 3 islands in 3 days! British, French & now Dutch! Bout to put a stamp on St Maarten'

Island adventure: Ludacris shared a picture on his Instagram and wrote: ”Chillin’ on vacation! Visited 3 islands in 3 days – British, French, and now Dutch! Time to add another stamp on St Maarten”

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