Kevin Hart seeks comedic wisdom from Manning brothers and Pat McAfee for hosting NBA Megacast in side-splitting promotional video before In-Season Tournament Championship game.

Kevin Hart will be hosting a unique ‘Manningcast-style’ broadcast for the upcoming NBA In-Season Tournament Championship game. Leading up to the event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the comedian reached out to Peyton Manning with a few questions. In a fun promotional video for his NBA Megacast, produced by Manning’s Omaha Productions and Hart’s own Hartbeat, Hart seeks advice from the NFL legend as he gears up to host the show. Manning suggests that Hart can broadcast from anywhere, even a friend’s garage, to which Hart humorously responds, asserting his status as a sought-after professional entertainer. The conversation takes a comedic turn as former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee chimes in, explaining that the dress code for the broadcast is limited to tank tops, much to Hart’s comical dismay.

Peyton Manning

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart sought some tips from Peyton Manning as he gets ready to host a broadcast similar to Manning’s ‘Manningcast’ for the upcoming NBA In-Season Tournament Championship on Saturday.

Pat McAfee also joined the call in a hilarious promo video for the comedian's NBA Megacast

Pat McAfee added his comedic flair to a promo video for the NBA Megacast, bringing laughter to the conversation.

The video ended with Peyton's brother Eli telling Hart to not listen to a word his sibling says

Kevin Hart has been announced as the host for an alternate broadcast called NBA Unplugged with Kevin Hart during the In-Season Tournament Championship on Saturday. Joining him will be the Plastic Cup Boyz – Joey Wells, Will Horton, and Na’im Lynn – along with various athletes and celebrities making special appearances. Hart previously appeared on Manningcast, where he humorously suggested that the Manning brothers don’t actually get along. The In-Season Tournament, which includes all 30 NBA teams, will wrap up in the next few days, with the semifinals happening on Thursday and the Championship game scheduled for Saturday. The Pacers will face the Bucks in the first semifinal, followed by the Pelicans taking on the Lakers.

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