Kevin Hart Revels in FaceTiming His 22-Month-Old: “Pure Comedy Gold!”

Kevin Hart is taking a moment to look back on his experiences as a father and the unique parenting approach he has taken, all while backing an educational program to assist kids impacted by the current pandemic.

Kevin Hart, known for entertaining large crowds with his jokes, finds his 22-month-old daughter to be the real source of his laughter. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE about his collaboration with The Children’s Place, Hart shared a heartwarming anecdote about his daughter Kaori Mai and her struggles with FaceTime.

According to Hart, his daughter Ori is starting to talk a little bit, but she hasn’t quite figured out how to hold the phone properly during FaceTime calls. Instead, she just walks around with it, oblivious to the fact that her dad can’t see her. Despite her technical shortcomings, Ori knows how to demand her father’s full attention, and Hart gladly obliges, staying on the call until she’s done talking.

Hart finds Ori’s antics hilarious, as she unknowingly moves the phone around while trying to show him things, not realizing that he can’t see what she’s showing. Her innocence and enthusiasm never fail to make him laugh, bringing joy to their virtual interactions.

Together with his wife Eniko, Hart also has a son named Kenzo Kash, who is 4 years old. He is also a father to daughter Heaven and son Hendrix from his previous marriage to Torrei Hart.
When it comes to being a parent, Hart emphasizes the importance of being actively involved in his children’s lives. He believes that kids learn by example and pays close attention to the influence he has on them. This commitment extends to his charitable work, especially his collaboration with The Children’s Place.
Speaking at the unveiling of a renovated educational space at the Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center in East Harlem, New York, Hart expressed his desire for the back-to-school program to empower kids who may lack access to the necessary resources or support.
“Sometimes you need that extra push, that reassurance that people are rooting for you to succeed. In my household, my kids are fortunate to have a dedicated parent who is always there for them. Unfortunately, not all kids have the same support system,” he explains.

“It’s about showing up, being in the moment, and igniting that feeling of ‘Wow, people actually care, there are those who want to see me, to see us, thrive in life,” he notes.
The upcoming back-to-school campaign from The Children’s Place for 2022 will introduce “a series of 10 special children’s reading spaces meant to be fun and interactive learning areas in underserved communities nationwide,” a company spokesperson informs PEOPLE magazine.
The importance of community development and social interaction among children is often underestimated and became rarer during the pandemic. With underprivileged communities bearing the brunt of this impact due to limited opportunities for collaborative learning, Hart emphasizes the crucial nature of this initiative now more than ever.
“It shouldn’t just be about the education system,” he clarifies. “I believe there should be additional elements involved. So what The Children’s Place is doing is simply adding another layer, another avenue, to the realm of possibilities and expanding a child’s horizons. Supplying books, providing essential tools, it’s all very much needed.”

He added, “I believe this is a practice that should be more widespread, so I’m optimistic that other companies, corporate entities, and individuals will take inspiration from what The Children’s Place is doing and incorporate more of it into their own actions.” (Source:

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