Kevin Hart Reveals Why he Chooses to Avoid Political Humor: ‘Staying in my Lane’

Comedian expresses that he prefers not to use political humor in his act as it doesn’t match his preferred comedic energy.

During the 25th Mark Twain Prize for American Humor ceremony in Washington, D.C., comedian Kevin Hart revealed why he steers clear of telling political jokes. Hart, who was honored for his contributions to American humor, admitted that he doesn’t find politics to be a funny topic. When asked about his approach to comedy without delving into divisive political territory, Hart explained that he believes it’s not the right fit for his comedic style and prefers to focus on other sources of humor.

“I don’t really engage in it,” he mentioned to The Daily Mail. “My comedy is all about bringing people together on a global level, where laughter is the main focus.”
While he doesn’t oppose political humor, he knows his strengths and sticks to what he does best.
Even though the event avoided controversial jokes, some comedians managed to slide in a few political quips. Dave Rubenstein, the Mark Twain Prize chairman, pointed out President Biden’s age, joking that Mark Twain would be of presidential running age in 2024.

During an event, comedian Chris Rock playfully teased former President Trump, cautioning that there could be some “dark days” ahead if he were to return to the White House. Comedian Chelsea Handler, recalling a funny incident at the Canadian-U.S. border while filming a movie during the pandemic, joked about Kevin Hart almost causing a “border crisis.”

Kevin Hart, the 44-year-old actor and comedian, expressed his joy at being recognized at the ceremony. “Feeling excited and grateful to be in the company of other comedy greats, I’m humbled by this honor. I hope to look back on this moment as a significant milestone in my career,” Hart shared.

“You can’t purchase genuine support. It’s something that truly touches my heart to have the same people I’ve always been there for, show up for me,” expressed the 3-time Emmy winner upon receiving the Mark Twain Prize. “I found my passion in something that I could see myself doing forever. I dedicated myself to comedy. I found something that I can hold onto tightly. All my dreams and aspirations are invested in this craft and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

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