“Kevin Hart makes a splash in the hot tub with Ben and Caila on The Bachelor”

It appears that Kevin Hart missed the memo about the company of two being ideal and three being a crowd. In a surprising turn of events, the comedian decided to strip down naked during Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, stealing the spotlight from Ben Higgins’ date with Caila Quinn. Adding to the drama, tension escalated when Lace, a volatile brunette, and Olivia, a overly self-assured blonde, monopolized Ben’s attention and criticized the other women.

Three's company? Kevin Hart hijacked Ben Higgin's date with Caila Quinn on Monday night's episode of The Bachelor

On Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, things got interesting when Kevin Hart unexpectedly joined Ben Higgins and Caila Quinn on their date, making it a trio instead of a regular romantic outing.

Ummm: The duo looked on awkwardly at the comedian as he soaked himself in the same tub during their trip to a hot tub shop

The pair watched in amusement as the comedian joined them in the tub at the hot tub shop, creating a slightly awkward moment. Shy Lauren ‘LB’ decided to leave on her own accord, while three other women, including Samantha who was very emotional, were eliminated from the group.

Caila, a lively software sales representative, was chosen for the first one-on-one date, which involved a vintage car ride with Hart and the actor/rapper Ice Cube. Upon arriving at a hot tub store, Hart surprised them by stripping down and hopping in the tub with the couple.

Caila, 24, from Ohio, jokingly remarked, “I was hoping for some alone time with you guys!” and laughed at the unexpected situation.

Yeah! The 36-year-old actor let it all hang out before Ice Cube made him get out of the tub

Sure thing! The 36-year-old entertainer laid it all bare before Ice Cube urged him to leave the bathtub.

Ice Cube had Ben ready for the date by giving him a shopping list including alcohol and protection.
“I believe Ice Cube and I approach first dates differently,” noted the modest 26-year-old from Denver, Colorado.
Later that night, Ben, a business professional, took the small software salesperson to a deserted restaurant for a meal.

Surprise! The ladies were flabbergasted to see Kevin and Ice Cube show up for the date

What a shock! The women were totally stunned when Kevin and Ice Cube unexpectedly appeared for their date.

On the road: The first-daters went on a ride along with Kevin and Ice Cube

Out for a drive: The couple on their first date hopped in the car with Kevin and Ice Cube for a spin.

Classy guy: Ice Cube made sure the group stopped by a liquor store

Smooth dude: Ice Cube ensured the crew made a quick stop at a convenience store.

“Caila has such a profound understanding and she articulates it so well,” he murmured as he handed her a rose.

Afterwards, they enjoyed a special live performance from singer Amos Lee.

“I’m feeling a whirlwind of emotions in my heart at the moment,” she smiled brightly.

“If only I could freeze time and stay in this moment forever,” she whispered as they danced together, lost in each other’s embrace.

Finally alone: In the evening Ben, a business analyst, took the petite software sales rep to an empty restaurant for dinner

At last, with some time to themselves, Ben, a business analyst, decided to treat the software sales rep to a quiet dinner at a deserted restaurant one evening.

Special night: They were then treated to a private performance from crooner Amos Lee

On a memorable evening, they were pleasantly surprised with an exclusive show by the talented singer Amos Lee.

'If I could live forever in this moment I would,' she said as they 'swayed in each other's arms'

She expressed a desire to freeze time and live in that perfect moment forever, while they swayed together in a tight embrace.
Describing her feelings, she gushed about starting to fall for Ben.
The first group date of the twentieth season was given to a list of ladies including Jackie, Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandi, ‘LB’, Jubilee, Joelle ‘JoJo’, Jennifer, and Lace.
During the date, Lace, who works as an estate agent, confessed to indulging a little too much in alcohol and letting her emotions get the best of her on the first night.
She acknowledged her behavior and expressed a desire to make amends and redeem herself quickly.
Determined and assertive, she declared her ambition to win it all – the rose, the ring, and everything else.

Explosive: In science class the ladies mixed ingredients to build a love volcano

Exciting: During the science experiment, the girls combined different substances to create a volcano of affection.

Impressive: The women giggled as they watched their science experiments

Amazing: The ladies burst into laughter while observing their scientific experiments unfold during a date at a local high school. “This is so exciting, I’ve never felt this giddy in a high school setting before,” exclaimed JoJo, a 24-year-old real estate agent hailing from Texas. The host, Chris Harrison, donned a costume resembling the school principal to provide guidance for their assignment. Within the classroom, they combined various elements to create a love volcano.

Jackie, 23, who called Ben 'the handsomest man in the world' got distracted while apple bobbing. She was later eliminated 

During an apple bobbing game, Jackie, 23, affectionately referred to Ben as ‘the most gorgeous guy ever’ before losing focus and ultimately being disqualified from the game.

Going at it: The girls fought over a red apple during the activity

Getting into it: During the activity, the girls got into a scuffle over a bright red apple.
Jubilee jokingly said she might make Lace “tactfully disappear” after Lace messed up their chances of moving forward.
Lace, 25, confessed she didn’t enjoy school much and wasn’t very successful in it.
Meanwhile, 23-year-old Jackie, who dubbed Ben as “the most handsome man in the world,” lost focus during the apple bobbing and ended up getting eliminated.

Contestants were then asked to locate Indiana on a map of the United States

Participants were then challenged to find the state of Indiana on a map of the United States.

'I'm not asking them to locate Indonesia,' sighed Ben as they all placed the state in the wrong position

Ben sighed, saying, “I’m not expecting them to pinpoint Indonesia,” as they all incorrectly positioned the state on the map.

Ready...set: The ladies then hit the running track for another contest

Let’s go! The women then headed to the track to compete in another race.

Getting competitive: Long-legged Mandi, a 28-year-old dentist, won at a hurdles race against Amber

Getting in the competitive spirit, Mandi, a 28-year-old dentist known for her long limbs, pulled off a victory in a hurdles race against her competitor, Amber. The group then faced a challenge as they struggled to correctly pinpoint the location of Indiana on a map. Despite their best efforts, they ended up placing the state in the wrong spot.

After her impressive performance in the race, Mandi caught the attention of Ben, who later had to make the tough decision to eliminate her from the competition. Ben and Becca, a contestant from the previous season, took a break to shoot some hoops and catch up on each other’s lives.

'Mandi dominated today, really impressive,' said Ben, who later eliminated her

Ben commented that Mandi had a strong performance that day, but he ended up defeating her later on.

She has it under control: Ben and Becca, a contestant from the previous season, met up to shoot some baskets and chat.
“I’m all in,” declared the 26-year-old resident of San Diego as they walked hand in hand.
The first romantic moment of the season happened between Ben and Jennifer, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Florida.
“I can’t stop thinking about kissing him,” she bubbled with excitement.

Kicking things off: His first real kiss of the season was with Jennifer, 25, a small business owner, from Florida

Getting things started: The start of his season included sharing his first genuine kiss with Jennifer, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Florida.

'That made me very aggravated,' fumed Lace

Lace was furious, declaring, “That really annoyed me.”
Olivia, a 23-year-old woman with a strong obsession, couldn’t contain her excitement when the next date card was revealed.
“Ben is absolutely amazing, the best catch ever. I knew he was my future husband the moment I saw him on the first night,” she said, with a slightly unsettling grin on her face.
However, Olivia’s excitement turned to disappointment when Caila received a surprise one-on-one date instead of her.

Pick me! Lace dragged Ben away from another girl to apologise for her past transgressions

Choose me! Lace pulled Ben away from another girl in order to make amends for her past mistakes.

'We're almost eye fu*king,' said Lace as she reflected on the time she had with Ben

“We were practically having a staring contest,” Lace joked about her intense connection with Ben.
Lace pulled Ben aside to make amends for her past mistakes and express her feelings.
“We were practically having a staring contest,” Lace mentioned.
Jubilee, a military woman, caught Ben’s attention with her radiant smile.
Jubilee, who had been an orphan in Haiti before finding a new family, was touched by Ben’s charitable work in the country.
They shared a passionate kiss by the pool, which left Lace feeling jealous and angry.
“I don’t care about these other girls,” Lace declared as she headed back to confront Ben.
“I’m definitely getting that rose tonight,” she confidently stated.

Romantic: Ben pulled JoJo from the crowd to have a rooftop date

Romantic: Ben whisked JoJo away from the bustling crowd for a romantic rooftop rendezvous.

Special moment: The duo kissed under the starry sky

Unique moment: The couple shared a sweet kiss beneath the shimmering night sky.

'I have never in my entire life felt this happy before, Ben makes me feel incredible,' she said after the kiss

“I’ve never felt this kind of happiness before in my life, Ben just makes me feel absolutely amazing,” she gushed following the kiss.
He then whisked JoJo away from the crowd to enjoy a romantic view of the city, expressing his love for her “bubbly-ness” before they shared a long kiss.
“I’ve never experienced this level of happiness before, Ben just makes me feel incredible,” she exclaimed as she held onto his neck tightly.
Amanda, a 25-year-old single mother, found it difficult to be away from her two young daughters.
“I just want to feel like it’s worth being here…I haven’t even mentioned to Ben that I have kids,” the blonde from California sadly admitted.
The next group date included Emily, Olivia, Sam, Hayley, Shushanna, and Amanda.
The girls were greeted by a robot named ‘Dr. Love’ and Ben in a white suit, causing Emily and Haley, the twins, to become very excited.

Missing home: Single mother Amanda, 25, was struggling to be away from her two little daughters

Feeling homesick: Amanda, a 25-year-old single mother, found it difficult to be separated from her two young daughters.

'I want to know that it's worth it to be here¿I haven't even told Ben that I have kids,' lamented the Californian blonde

The Californian blonde expressed her feelings, questioning whether it is worth it to be in this situation. She shared that she had not even mentioned to Ben that she has children.

'I'm not a science person¿I'm not very smart,' agreed the Vegas-based sisters, 22

“I’m not really into science… I’m not that bright,” admitted the 22-year-old sisters from Las Vegas.

The Bachelor proceeded to take a whiff of the women’s perspiration, trying to determine if their scent was pleasing to him.

In a daring move, the women stripped down to their underwear to test their ‘thermal energy’ in pairs.

Olivia expressed her strong belief in their connection, as Ben found her scent to be ‘sweet’ and appealing.

Let's get physical: The ladies were told to work out so they could work up a sweat

Time to get moving: The women were encouraged to exercise in order to break a sweat.

Up close and personal: Ben had a good to sniff of the ladies to see if he was attracted to their pheromones 

Getting a closer look: Ben took a moment to odorize the women around him, checking to see if their pheromones sparked any interest.

So much heat: In another test the ladies were paired off with Ben to do thermal tests

There was a lot of heat during a thermal test where the women were partnered with Ben. Sam had the lowest score of 2.42 out of 10, while Olivia had the highest score of 7.45. The doctor praised Olivia, saying her data was exceptional. Later at the cocktail party, Ben and Olivia shared a kiss. Olivia described it as magical, giving her butterflies and a feeling of heat in her stomach. Amanda, however, was not impressed and commented that Olivia was the worst.

Anticipation! The girls lined up to get the results from the scientific compatibility tests

Excitement filled the air as the girls eagerly awaited the results of their scientific compatibility tests.

Great results! Olivia was ecstatic to receive the highest score - 7.45 out of 10

Fantastic news! Olivia was over the moon to achieve a top score of 7.45 out of 10.

What does this mean? Sam was bummed to get the lowest score of 2.42  

What is happening here? Sam felt disappointed when he received the lowest score of 2.42 on the test.
When Amanda finally disclosed to Ben that she had children, he was open and understanding.
“They don’t intimidate me,” he reassured her as they shared a kiss.
“I couldn’t be happier,” she exclaimed with a big smile on her face.

So much chemistry: At the cocktail party Ben and Olivia kissed

A lot of sparks flew at the cocktail party when Ben and Olivia shared a kiss, showcasing their undeniable chemistry.

'It was magical, butterflies, heat in my stomach area,' she gaped afterwards

“It felt like pure magic, like a swarm of butterflies fluttering inside my stomach,” she expressed in awe later on.

Secret: When Amanda finally told Ben about her kids he was receptive

Confidential tip: After Amanda shared the news about her children with Ben, he was understanding. However, he chose Olivia to receive the rose. Olivia boldly claimed, “It’s mine, Olivia Higgins, let’s just stop the show now,” leaving Amanda in tears. To make it up to her, Ben later gave Amanda the supplies to make homemade hair barrettes for her daughters.

'I am on cloud nine right now,' Amanda said after chatting to Ben

“I’m feeling absolutely ecstatic at the moment,” Amanda exclaimed following her conversation with Ben.

Winner: Olivia was given the rose at the end of the party and told cameras 'It's mine¿Olivia Higgins, it's mine let's just end the show right now'

Champion: Olivia received the coveted rose at the conclusion of the event and confidently declared to the cameras, ‘It belongs to me… Olivia Higgins, it’s mine, let’s just wrap up the show now.’
‘That’s incredibly kind,’ she exclaimed, feeling emotional and tearing up.
Ben sported a stylish powder blue suit for the last cocktail gathering.
Leah, who playfully threw a football at him on the opening night, was rudely overshadowed by Olivia.

'Ben is my man at this point¿I want to take him to a secret point and kiss him until his lips fall off, like 'hello wifey',' she wailed

“I am head over heels for Ben right now… I just want to whisk him away to a secluded spot and lay the most passionate kisses on him until his lips can’t take any more, like ‘hello future husband’,” she exclaimed.

Connection: Olivia made the most of her time with the bachelor, gazing into his eyes and kissing him continuously

Bond: Olivia cherished every moment she shared with the bachelor, captivated by his gaze and showering him with endless kisses.

'Like what the fu*k? She had time,' Amber complained about Olivia

Amber expressed her frustration with Olivia, saying “Seriously, what was she thinking? She had plenty of time.” Sharing her feelings about Ben, she joked, “He’s practically my man now…I just want to sneak him away and kiss him until he can’t kiss anyone else, like ‘hello future wifey.'” Jubilee chimed in, calling Olivia a “selfish jerk.” Amber, who is 30, was clearly displeased with the situation.

'What a selfish bi*ch,' Jubilee said about Olivia

Jubilee referred to Olivia as a selfish woman.

'I'm a lot to handle¿I was very dorky as a kid,' Lace tried to sell herself to the bachelor

“I may be a handful…I was quite nerdy growing up,” Lace jokingly boasted to the bachelor in an attempt to make a lasting impression.

Making it worse: The brunette kept rambling on as it got more awkward but their date was soon interrupted by another girl

The situation escalated as the brunette continued to talk at length, making the already awkward situation even worse. Their date was soon interrupted by another girl, adding to the tension.

Lace took Ben to the balcony to open up about her “bold personality.” She shared, “I can be a handful… I was quite awkward as a child,” going on and on about herself. “There’s a part of me that I’m trying to work on,” she mentioned before her conversation was cut short by another girl stealing Ben away.

Feeling insecure and embarrassed, Lace later lamented, “I think I just blew it… my vulnerable side came out… I feel so foolish,” she cried.

Meanwhile, Ben pulled Lauren B aside and presented her with a photograph from their first encounter as a couple.

Ruined it: Lace told the cameras that she thought Ben didn't like her

Spoiled it: Lace confided to the cameras that she had a feeling Ben wasn’t into her.

Crunch time: The women looked anxious as they waited to find out if they would make it through to the next round

The tension was palpable as the women nervously awaited the results, unsure if they would advance to the next stage.

Safe for now: Caila (who arleady had hers) and Olivia were seen holding their roses

Out of danger for the moment: Caila and Olivia, both clutching their roses, were spotted in the crowd.
“I’ve been constantly thinking of you,” he confessed to her.
He distributed roses to Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, Emily, Jami, Lauren H, Shushanna, Hayley, and Jennifer.
During the rose ceremony, LB whisked him away for a private conversation.

Rejecting his rose: LB asked for a private moment with Ben to tell her that she wanted to leave the show

Refusing his flower: LB requested a one-on-one conversation with Ben to express her decision to depart from the competition.

'I'm just a quiet girl from Oklahoma,' LB told cameras before quitting the show

LB stated on camera that she was simply a laid-back girl from Oklahoma before making the decision to leave the show. Instead of giving her a rose, he chose to give it to Amber, and the other women were then eliminated from the competition. The Bachelor is set to come back on ABC next Monday.

Shocked: After thinking she'd blown it Lace was happy to get a rose

Surprised: Following her initial worry that she had messed up, Lace was overjoyed to receive a rose.

Ben finally gave roses to Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, Emily, Jami, Lauren H, Shushanna, Hayley, Jennifer

After much anticipation, Ben brightened the days of Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel, Lace, Emily, Jami, Lauren H, Shushanna, Hayley, and Jennifer by surprising them with bouquets of roses.

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