Kevin Hart Gets Emotional as His Daughter Heads Off to College: “My Little Girl is Making Her Way to University!”

Kevin Hart has openly admitted to getting emotional and shedding tears when his oldest daughter, Heaven, left for college. Despite being temporarily confined to a wheelchair due to an injury, the 44-year-old comedian shared a heartwarming family photo on Instagram, bidding farewell to the 18-year-old. In his caption, Kevin expressed his pride and love for his daughter, acknowledging her transformation into an amazing young woman. He also revealed that he couldn’t contain his emotions and cried in the car as he watched his baby girl embark on her college journey. The image showed Kevin seated in a wheelchair, partially hidden from view, while his loved ones stood behind him, capturing a memorable moment.

Saying goodbye: Kevin Hart, 44, admitted that he became rather emotional and 'cried in the car' after his eldest daughter, Heaven, 18, officially left for college and shared the moment to Instagram on Friday

Kevin Hart, 44, revealed that he experienced a wave of emotions and even shed a few tears when his eldest daughter, Heaven, 18, officially left for college. He shared this heartfelt moment on his Instagram on Friday.

In the photo, Heaven stood in the center wearing a gray long-sleeved top and denim pants. Her brothers, Hendrix, 15, and Kenzo, five, sat behind her. Kevin’s wife, Eniko Hart, also joined in the photo, sporting a gray Celine shirt and denim shorts. They all seemed to be inside a dorm, as Heaven was getting ready to settle into her college life.

Kevin shares Heaven and Hendrix with his former wife, Torrei Hart. They were married from 2003 until their divorce was finalized. Later on, he married Eniko in 2016, and they welcomed their son Kenzo and daughter Kaori, two.

Earlier this year, Kevin proudly celebrated his daughter’s high school graduation. He expressed his pride and admiration for Heaven in a heartwarming tribute on social media. Alongside a sweet snapshot of them together, he emphasized the importance of family support and the motivation to achieve great things.

“It’s not about me… It has always been about them!!!!!!! I am so proud of my little girl. I am just as proud of my niece Sanny for being an amazing example for Heav… Sanny was the first in our family to go to college and graduate… Now my little girl is heading in that same direction… Iron sharpens iron… it always has and always will,” Kevin wrote. He ended his message by encouraging his daughter and everyone else to dream big and strive for greatness.

Overall, Kevin Hart’s experience of saying goodbye to his daughter as she embarks on her college journey has brought about a mix of emotions, but he remains a proud and supportive father.

Proud father: A few months earlier, Hart was a proud father as he celebrated his daughter's graduation from high school and penned a heartwarming tribute to Heaven

Beaming with pride, Hart experienced the joy of fatherhood when he recently commemorated his daughter’s high school graduation and expressed his deep affection for Heaven through a touching tribute.

Family: Kevin shares Heaven and Hendrix, 15, with ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and later tied the knot with Eniko in 2016 and the couple welcomed Kenzo, five, and also daughter, Kaori, two.

Kevin has a lovely family comprising of his children Heaven and Hendrix, who are both fifteen years old and were born during his previous marriage to Torrei Hart. After his marriage ended, Kevin found love again and married Eniko in 2016. They have been blessed with two more children – Kenzo, who is now five years old, and their adorable daughter Kaori, who is two years old.

Kevin concluded by expressing his love and admiration for his daughter, emphasizing that she is the best big sister. He shared his feelings about her growing up and preparing to leave home during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February of last year. While he appreciates her growth, he also admitted to feeling emotional about the prospect of her leaving. In a humorous attempt to convince her to stay in Los Angeles for better schools, he mentioned that she has been discussing New York as a potential destination. Kevin’s daughter’s departure for college comes after he recently revealed that he is temporarily using a wheelchair due to muscle tears from a race with former NFL player Stevan Ridley. The incident occurred after a friendly debate about their speed, with Kevin asserting his prowess and Ridley challenging him to a race.

Injured: Kevin sending his daughter off to college comes shortly after he revealed that he is temporarily in a wheelchair after tearing muscles during a race with former NFL star, Stevan Ridley

Injured: Kevin’s daughter heading off to college coincides with the news of his recent wheelchair-bound condition. The reason behind his temporary disability? A muscle tear sustained while challenging former NFL standout, Stevan Ridley, to a race.

In a wheelchair: 'I can't walk ... sit my a** down,' the Die Hart star said. 'I blew all my s*** - tore my lower abdomen and my abductors are torn. I don't even know what that is, but I tore them'

While sitting in a wheelchair, the star of Die Hart humorously expressed, “Walking is not in the cards for me at the moment… I prefer relaxing in this seat. I managed to overexert myself and caused damage to my lower abdomen and abductors, despite being unsure of what they exactly are!”

Reflecting: In the clip, Hart reluctantly admitted that his age was catching up to him physically and expressed, 'Ladies and gentlemen, the age of 40 is real,' Hart said

During the video, Hart candidly acknowledged that his body was starting to feel the effects of his age, humorously remarking, “Folks, the reality of turning 40 is catching up with me.”

The actor and Ridley, who managed to score an impressive 12 touchdowns during the 2012 season, decided to settle their dispute over who was faster by organizing a 40-yard dash and placing a bet on the outcome. Unfortunately, Hart ended up getting hurt during the race.

Afterward, Hart expressed his frustration with the situation, stating that he was unable to walk and even had to sit down. He revealed that he had suffered injuries to his lower abdomen and abductors, although he admitted he wasn’t entirely sure what the latter term meant. Despite his lack of knowledge about the specific injuries, Hart acknowledged that his age was starting to catch up with him physically.

In a video clip, Hart addressed the audience, particularly those who were 40 years old and above, emphasizing that reaching this milestone age was significant and deserved respect. He candidly confessed that he had underestimated the effect of aging on his body and had foolishly attempted to engage in activities more suited to younger individuals.

Reflecting on the incident, Hart questioned why he had even participated in the race, labeling it as the dumbest thing he had ever done and admitting that he felt like the world’s dumbest man. Nevertheless, he recognized that this was simply a part of life and acknowledged the consequences of his actions.

In a recent update, Hart shared his condition while riding in a moving vehicle. He openly spoke about the negative impact of the injury on his manhood, attributing it to the swelling caused by the accident.

Candid update: On Thursday, he gave an update about his condition as he filmed himself in the back of a moving vehicle and candidly revealed that the terrible injury also had a negative affect on his manhood due to swelling

Unfiltered update: While riding in a moving vehicle, he shared an honest update about his current state. In a casual manner, he disclosed that apart from the severe injury, his manhood was also negatively impacted by swelling.

Recovering: At one point, Kevin panned the phone camera to show the equipment, such as a folded wheelchair, that was placed next to him in the car

Recovery: Kevin, at a certain moment, casually shifted the phone camera’s focus to display the array of equipment lying alongside him in the car, including a neatly folded wheelchair.

Humorous response: Ridley later reposted Kevin's lengthy video from Wednesday on his Instagram stories and jokingly added the text, 'I saw @tombrady do it at your age so I figured you had the juice too big bro!'

In a light-hearted manner, Ridley playfully shared Kevin’s extensive video from Wednesday on his Instagram stories. Adding a humorous touch, he jokingly inserted the text, ‘Witnessing @tombrady do it at your age made me believe that you also possessed the same level of awesomeness, bro!’

Best wishes: The former professional sports player added, 'My bad @kevinhart4real! Heal up and keep making us all laugh!'

Well wishes: The retired athlete humorously stated, ‘Apologies, Kevin Hart! Get well soon and continue brightening our days with laughter!’

In a light-hearted manner, the comedian managed to maintain a positive attitude by playfully teasing his close friends and famous individuals who had made jokes about his recent injury. At one point, Kevin displayed various equipment, including a folded wheelchair, that was placed beside him in the car, capturing it on his phone camera. Ridley, in a playful manner, reposted Kevin’s lengthy video from Wednesday on his Instagram stories and jokingly inserted the text, ‘I observed @tombrady do it at your age so I assumed you had the same energy, bro!’ The former professional athlete added, ‘Apologies, Kevin Hart! Get well soon and continue bringing laughter to all of us!

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