Kevin Hart Declares He’s Done Hosting the Oscars: Award Ceremonies are No Longer Comedy Haven

Kevin Hart has restated his stance on not hosting the Oscars ever again.

Hart was originally scheduled to host the 2019 Oscars, but he resigned amidst controversy surrounding his past anti-gay tweets and comments made during stand-up routines from several years ago. In an interview with Variety, Hart stated that he would never host the Oscars again and is maintaining his stance on the matter.

During a conversation with Sky News, Hart expressed his opinion that hosting these types of events is not conducive to a comedian’s career. He emphasized that his statement is not a reflection on the Oscars, the Golden Globes, or any other similar award shows, but rather a commentary on the evolving nature of comedy-friendly environments. Hart mentioned that one year, the Oscars had a lineup of various personalities acting as hosts, which he considered a positive change. He believes that this collaborative approach, where different individuals are responsible for different segments, is preferable to the traditional format of a comedian taking the stage for the entire event. Hart concluded by stating that the days of a comedian dominating the stage at these shows are now in the past.

Hart, known for his previous roles as the host of the BET Awards, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the MTV Movie Awards, expressed his admiration for other comedians who have excelled in their hosting endeavors.

A big shoutout goes to those who have successfully cracked the code and mastered the comedy scene right from the start. We’re talking about the likes of Chris Rock, Billy Crystal, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Ricky Gervais. These individuals truly understand the importance of having connections within the industry. Without those relationships, performing in certain venues can feel quite cold. As for me, I have a clear advantage because I am already familiar with many of these rooms and have established a presence in them. However, for other comedians, it’s a completely different story.

“It’s not like the good old days anymore for stand-up comedy. There’s excessive scrutiny on comedians and the distinction between jokes and non-jokes, causing a lot of pressure,” expressed Hart.
Hart is featured in the recently released Netflix movie called “Lift,” which became available for streaming on January 12th.

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