“Kevin Hart and Leslie Jones: A Wild West Adventure Through Comedy”

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Original: “Had an amazing time at the beach today, the sunset was incredible! 🌅 #beachlife”

Paraphrased: “Spent a fantastic day at the beach, the sunset was absolutely stunning! 🌅 #lovinglife”

Recreational Rodeo With Leslie Jones – Kevin Hart: What the Fit (Season 1,  Episode 2) - Apple TV (CA)

Recreational Rodeo with Leslie Jones

Possibly gearing up for a TV show appearance, movie role, or commercial shoot, the dynamic duo of comedy, Leslie Jones and Kevin Hart, seem to be up to something exciting. Leslie recently shared a series of silly photos on Instagram, showing her and Kevin goofing around in cowboy outfits. Fans are already buzzing with excitement, urging the hilarious pair to collaborate on a new project. Their comedic chemistry was evident back in 2015 when they worked together on a Saturday Night Live skit. In the sketch, Kevin’s character discovers he has a son, played by Jay Pharoah, after a chance encounter with a woman from a past one-night stand, portrayed by Leslie. With big smiles and playful poses, Leslie and Kevin look like they are brewing up something hilarious. Leslie captioned the photo with, “Yo this is about to be hilarious!!!”

Kevin Hart And Leslie Jones Cowboy Clothes Photos1

Leslie’s Instagram post described Kevin looking strong and confident in a bold red T-shirt paired with a stylish black cowboy hat.

Kevin Hart And Leslie Jones Cowboy Clothes Photos 2

On Leslie’s Instagram, the latest photo shows Kevin and Leslie dressed up in cowboy outfits. Kevin is sporting a sleeveless shirt, no surprises there! Leslie, on the other hand, is styled in shades of purple and pink with cowboy boots.
“Can’t wait for the laughs,” Leslie joked in the caption.
It seems like Leslie is on a film set. Hopefully, they will share more details about their new project soon.

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