Kevin Hart and Eniko showcase chic sweater looks while celebrating daughter Heaven’s graduation at Soho House in Malibu

Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko looked stylish and relaxed as they marked a special milestone for his daughter Heaven. The comedian, aged 43, and his wife, 38, were both in cozy sweaters to celebrate Heaven’s graduation from high school, a special moment shared with their youngest daughter Kaori. The family dined at Soho House in Malibu, with Kevin rocking a fuzzy pale gray sweater and dark gray trousers. He completed his look with a lighter gray jacket and matching cap, exuding a laid-back yet put-together vibe.

The graduate: Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko both rocked casual-chic ensembles as they celebrated a special day for his daughter Heaven

The college graduate, Kevin Hart, and his wife Eniko looked stylish yet relaxed as they marked a memorable milestone for his daughter Heaven.

Proud dad: The 43-year-old comedian and his 38-year-old wife were cozy in sweater ensembles as they celebrated his 18-year-old daughter, from his previous marriage to ex-wife Torrei Hart, following her high school graduation

Fatherly joy: The comedian, who is 43 years old, and his 38-year-old wife were looking snug in their sweater outfits as they celebrated the high school graduation of his 18-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to his ex-wife Torrei Hart.

Lots to celebrate: The married couple also brought along their youngest daughter Kaori as they arrived at Soho House in Malibu for an upscale celebratory meal in his eldest's honor

There was a lot to celebrate as the happy couple, accompanied by their youngest daughter Kaori, headed to Soho House in Malibu for a fancy dinner in honor of their eldest child. The comedian added a touch of style to his outfit with blue suede Adidas shoes, trendy sunglasses, and a sleek wristwatch. Meanwhile, Eniko kept it chic in a tan cropped cardigan, revealing a glimpse of her toned midriff, paired with matching high-waisted pants and elegant beige heels. Her hair was styled in a fashionable blunt bob, and she added a pop of color with a tangerine accessory. Their daughter, Heaven, looked stunning in a white dress with gold sandals and pretty necklaces. As they left, Heaven carried a bouquet of flowers from a loved one. Last year, Hart shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he was trying to convince Heaven to attend a college in L.A. instead of out of state due to the better schools in the area.

Casual: He complemented it with darker gray trousers that were crisply pressed, and he carried a lighter gray jacket on his arm and wore a similarly toned cap on his head

Sporty: The funnyman completed his look with blue suede Adidas shoes, dark sunglasses and a luxury wristwatch with a black leather band

Attractive: Kevin looked sharp, dressing his strong upper body in a cozy light grey sweater with noticeable ribs.

Fashionable: Heaven looked absolutely beautiful in a white dress with gold strappy sandals and coordinating necklaces

Stylish: Heaven appeared stunning in a white gown paired with classy gold sandals and matching jewelry.

Turning heads: Eniko covered up her curves in a tan cropped cardigan that revealed a hint of her trim midriff

Getting attention: Eniko opted for a stylish tan cropped cardigan to subtly showcase her toned midsection while keeping her curves modestly hidden.

Beloved: As she walked back to her car, she carried a bouquet of flowers from one of her loved ones

Adored: On her way back to the car, she held a beautiful bunch of flowers gifted by someone special to her.

Big move? Last year, Hart that Heaven was considering going to college out of state, to his dismay

Major decision? Last year, Hart found out that Heaven was thinking about attending college in a different state, which came as a shock to him.

Just like her dad: He previously told People that his teenager has dreams of becoming a comedian and makes him 'laugh daily'

Just like her father: According to a previous interview with People, he mentioned that his daughter aspires to be a comedian and never fails to make him laugh every day.

He added, “She’s discussing her future in New York.”
However, he also expressed, “I adore watching her grow up; she’s my closest companion, my whole world. It’s a bit sentimental. I can see the moment approaching when she’ll be leaving home, and I’m not ready for it.”
In a previous conversation with People, he shared that his teenage daughter aspires to follow in his footsteps as a comedian, bringing laughter into his life every day.
“My daughter has a strong desire to become an entertainer, but I’m making sure she waits until she’s 18,” he revealed in 2020. “As a dad, I’ve decided to hold her back until she’s legally an adult, and then we can chase after whatever dream she desires.”

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