“Kevin Hart and DJ Khaled Share Stylish Vibes on Kevin’s SiriusXM Podcast in Miami”

After exploring the world of comedy and comedians in the first season of his Gold Minds podcast, Kevin Hart made a grand return in March, promising an even more exciting second season. This time around, he’s not just chatting with comedians, but also with the top minds in entertainment, art, business, and culture. For the latest episode of Gold Minds With Kevin Hart, his guest was none other than the one and only DJ Khaled.

The dynamic duo met up at the SirusXM Miami studio in sunny Miami Beach, Florida for a live recording of their conversation on a Saturday. Kevin Hart, known for his quick wit and humor, was dressed in his signature laid-back style, wearing light brown khaki pants, an off-white sweatshirt, and eye-catching red sneakers. To top off his look, he added a colorful beanie cap featuring shades of orange, red, green, brown, black, and white.

As always, Kevin Hart brought his comedic charm to the table, making for an entertaining and lively discussion with DJ Khaled. So, if you’re ready for some laughs and insights from two industry heavyweights, make sure to tune in to the latest episode of Gold Minds With Kevin Hart.

A conversation: Kevin Hart, 43, welcomed friend and music producer DJ Khaled, 47, as his latest guest on SiriusXM's Gold Minds With Kevin Hart podcast

During a recent episode of Kevin Hart’s podcast, Gold Minds With Kevin Hart, the comedian welcomed his longtime friend and music producer, DJ Khaled, for a chat. DJ Khaled, born Khaled Mohammed Khaled, kept things casual in tan shorts, a matching Polo-style shirt, and eye-catching red, black, and white sneakers.

With roots in the music industry dating back to the 1990s when he first made a name for himself on South Florida radio station 99 Jamz, DJ Khaled has since become a DJ, record executive, record producer, and rapper, collaborating with some of the biggest names in pop music. With 13 studio albums under his belt, from his debut Listennn… the Album in 2006 to his most recent release God Did in 2022, DJ Khaled has consistently proven his talent and influence in the industry.

Known for his self-promotion and catchphrases like “God did,” DJ Khaled became the subject of one of Kevin Hart’s spot-on impersonations. In a video shared on social media last year, Hart hilariously imitated DJ Khaled’s signature phrase in various settings, showcasing his comedic chops by mimicking his friend’s voice and mannerisms.

In the video clip, Hart repeats DJ Khaled’s “God did” phrase multiple times, humorously referencing situations like selling more tour tickets. The comedian’s impression captures the essence of DJ Khaled’s larger-than-life personality, highlighting their friendship and mutual respect.

Sit down: The episode was taped live in the SiriusXM Miami Beach studio on Saturday

Take a seat: The show was recorded live at the SiriusXM Miami Beach studio this past Saturday.

Casual-cool: The comedian showed off his usual witty comedy while dress casually in light brown khaki-style pants with an off-white sweatshirt and red sneakers

The comedian flaunted his signature witty humor while dressed in a laid-back ensemble consisting of light brown khaki pants, an off-white sweatshirt, and bright red sneakers.

Khaled (born Khaled Mohammed Khaled), 47, kept it causal for his chat with his old friend in tan shorts with a matching Polo-style shirt and red, black and white sneakers

Khaled, whose full name is Khaled Mohammed Khaled, decided to keep things laid-back during his conversation with an old buddy. He was dressed in comfortable tan shorts, a coordinating Polo-style shirt, and stylish red, black, and white sneakers.

Hilarious: The two old friends showed off their payful side during the episode

Humorous: The long-time pals displayed their playful antics in the episode, making everyone laugh.

Branching out; While season one of Hart's podcast focused on comedians, season two has been promoted as chatting with the 'best minds in entertainment, art, business, and culture'

Expanding horizons: While the first season of Hart’s podcast focused on comedians, season two is set to feature conversations with the ‘most talented minds in entertainment, art, business, and culture.’
For comparison, a clip then shows Khaled enthusiastically doing his famous ‘God did’ catchphrase in various locations indoors and outdoors.
Displaying grace and a delightful sense of humor, Khaled embraced the amusing moment by sharing the clip on his Instagram profile.
‘@kevinhart4real it really hurts my heart… they didn’t have faith in us… GOD DID!! GOD DID!! GOD DID!! #AlbumMode Join us on our journey!!!’ Khaled wrote in the caption. ‘Or witness our success!!!! They doubted us, but GOD DID!’
Khaled’s 13th studio album, God Did, was released in August 2022.
The album garnered five nominations at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album, Song of the Year, and Best Rap Song for the track featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, John Legend, and Fridayy.

Reflecting: The New Orleans native talked about his journey to the top of the music industry

Looking back: The musician from New Orleans shared insights into his rise to success in the music business.

Coming: Hart's episode with DJ Khaled will be dropping on the Apple Podcasts website

Get ready for Hart’s appearance on DJ Khaled’s podcast, which will soon be available on the Apple Podcasts platform.

Memory lane: The two stars shared about some old times they shared together

Trip down memory lane: The two celebrities reminisced about past memories they had created together.

The journey: The DJ, record executive, record producer and rapper has been working with some of the biggest names in pop music since first gaining recognition as a host in the 1990s on 99 Jamz, a radio station serving the South Florida region, including Miami

The adventure began when a talented individual, who is not only a DJ but also a record executive, record producer, and rapper, first made a mark in the entertainment industry during the 1990s. Hosting a show on 99 Jamz, a popular radio station in South Florida, specifically Miami, opened up opportunities to collaborate with some of the top artists in the pop music scene.

Impersonation: Known to toot his own horn when it comes to promoting his latest song or entrepreneurial venture, Khaled was the target of Hart last year when he did a spot on impersonation of him doing his 'God did' catchphrase

Impersonation: Khaled, who is notorious for bragging about his new songs and business ventures, was playfully imitated by Hart last year. Hart hilariously mimicked Khaled, including his popular ‘God did’ catchphrase.

The latest record featured hit singles like Staying Alive with Drake and Lil Baby, as well as Big Time featuring Future and Lil Baby.
God Did, his new album, debuted at the top spot on the US Billboard 200 chart by selling 107,500 album-equivalent units in its opening week, including 9,500 pure album sales.
Apart from his music career, Khaled has found success as an author with his bestselling book The Keys, which made it to The New York Times Best Seller list. In this book, the father of two shares his views on success, shares personal anecdotes, and includes insights from fellow musicians.
Taking inspiration from his own home and lifestyle, Khaled also ventured into designing luxury furniture, launching his line We The Best Home in August 2018.

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