“Keith the Feline Cow: A Special Kitty with a Heart of Gold”

Keith the Cat Cow

It’s no secret that internet cat lovers are fond of chubby cats, but another favorite among feline enthusiasts are cow cats! And when you combine these two beloved traits, you get an irresistibly unique combination. Meet Keith the Cat-Cow, a cool spotted cat from the UK who not only steals hearts with his cuteness but also shows endless love and kindness to his family. Rescued at six months old while sick and starving, Keith has since grown into a loving nine-year-old cat with a big heart. His cat mom shared on Instagram, “We found Keith on the streets suffering from cat flu and digestive issues. Despite his rough start, he quickly became a cherished member of our family. Especially to my daughter, who has Autism – Keith became her closest companion, her kindred spirit. They have an unbreakable bond that brings joy to both of them.” After speaking with Keith’s cat mom, I’m excited to share his heartwarming story with you all. Get ready to be charmed by this special cat who is sure to melt your heart.

Keith The Cat-Cow

Can you share how Keith became a part of your family story?

Back in 2013, my daughter and I were volunteering at a local cat rescue center when a tiny kitten was brought in off the streets. He was in a bad way, suffering from cat flu and a host of stomach issues from scavenging for food on the streets. Despite a month of care, he wasn’t improving. My daughter, who is Autistic, formed a special bond with this sickly kitten. He would trail after her, perching on her shoulders as she went about her tasks. Seeing her connection to him, I decided to take a risk and bring him home in the hopes of saving him.

Without telling my daughter, I arranged for the kitten to undergo further tests at the vet. There were concerns that he may have FIV and FeLV, which would pose risks to my other feline companions. The next day was Charlie’s 10th birthday, and she thought we were making a trip to the rescue center. Little did she know, we were actually picking up the 6-month-old Keith from the veterinary clinic.

Health Monitoring Cat Litter

Check out the innovative Health Monitoring Cat Litter from Pretty Litter! Purchase now and enjoy a 20% discount plus a free toy. When it comes to our feline friend Keith, his name has an interesting origin story. Originally named ‘Spartacus’ by Charlie for his warrior-like demeanor, it quickly became apparent that he was more of a clown and a comedian. Inspired by the humor of comedian Keith Lemon, Charlie decided to rename him Keith.

Keith the Cat-Cow

Keith the Cat-Cow

I’ve noticed that Keith has managed to shed some weight. Can you share with me how he achieved his transformation from being a hefty cat to a more slimmed-down version?

Keith has always struggled with his weight issues. At just one year old, he weighed a hefty 5.5kg and was immediately put on a special diet by the vet. Despite our efforts, it seemed like Keith still carried the mentality of a hungry street kitten, constantly overeating. Whenever we tried to restrict his food intake, he would get incredibly stressed, leading to flu flare-ups and making him very ill. Keith was also quite the scavenger, eating from bins and making himself sick in the process. Even when we switched him to a feeder and moved him indoors to prevent him from snacking outside, his weight continued to climb.

We’ve taken Keith to numerous vet visits and spent a significant amount of money on tests to figure out the root cause of his weight gain. Despite being a hyperactive cat, Keith’s weight just wouldn’t budge. Our vet suspects that he may have an issue with his pituitary gland, but the risk and cost of undergoing an MRI and anesthesia seemed too high with little certainty of a solution.

Our main focus now is to prevent Keith from gaining any more weight, as he is quite the sneaky food thief. We’re constantly brainstorming new ways to keep food out of his reach and slow down his eating habits. It’s been quite the journey, but we’re determined to help Keith lead a healthier life.

Keith the Cat Cow

Keith the Cat Cow

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