Katy Perry’s Showstopping Western Glamour: Sparkling Stetson and Chainmail Bodysuit Wow at Museum Visit

Katy Perry looked stunning in a sexy cowgirl outfit, complete with a glittering silver Stetson, during her visit to the Santa Barbara Carriage & Western Arts Museum. The 38-year-old singer shared photos on Instagram, striking poses in her hat paired with a silver chainmail bodysuit and black fringed trousers. Katy seemed to be enjoying herself as she confidently showed off her eye-catching ensemble in the bathroom.

Strike a pose: Katy Perry nailed sexy cowgirl chic as she rocked a sparkling silver Stetson during a visit to the Santa Barbara Carriage & Western Arts Museum

Katy Perry totally nailed the sexy cowgirl look with a sparkling silver Stetson hat during her visit to the Santa Barbara Carriage & Western Arts Museum. She paired it with a simple black vest under a sheer top and completed the look with striking silver earrings.
After spending Christmas in Japan with partner Orlando Bloom, the couple shared some holiday ‘merriment’ in Tokyo. The pop superstar and Pirates of the Caribbean actor posed for a romantic photo in a stunning hall of mirrors, showcasing their love for each other.

Cowgirl: Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the singer, 38, posed up a storm in her hat which she teamed with a silver chainmail bodysuit and fringed black trousers

Cowgirl Chic: Showing off her fashion sense on Instagram, the 38-year-old singer struck a pose in a cowboy hat paired with a silver chainmail bodysuit and fringed black pants.
Sharing a series of photos from their Tokyo trip, Orlando captioned the post with “Tokyo. Happy vibes all around. Sending love to everyone.”
Katy, dressed in a red flannel dress, intertwined her fingers with Orlando, who rocked blue overalls and a backwards baseball cap.
The couple stood barefoot on a reflective floor, illuminated by a stunning array of colorful lights.

Dazzling: Katy was certainly in her element as she happily captured her show-stopping look while posing in the toilet

Stunning: Katy was absolutely glowing as she confidently showed off her glamorous outfit while striking a pose in the restroom.

Perry and Bloom radiated contentment with relaxed expressions, showcasing pure joy and tranquility. They first started seeing each other in 2016, briefly taking a break in 2017 before rekindling their romance the next year. Their engagement in 2019 was soon followed by the arrival of their daughter, Daisy Dove, in 2020.

Tokyo holiday: Katy's sizzling snaps comes after she and partner Orlando Bloom enjoyed some holiday 'merriment' in Tokyo as they spent Christmas in Japan

Tokyo getaway: Katy shared some stunning photos following a festive holiday in Tokyo with her partner Orlando Bloom as they celebrated Christmas in Japan.

Devout reader: The Lord of the Rings star went on to include some random pictures from his journeys through Tokyo, most notably, the World Seikyo Center

A dedicated follower: The actor known for his role in The Lord of the Rings decided to share some snapshots from his travels in Tokyo, with a highlight being his visit to the World Seikyo Center. This center serves as the main hub for the ‘Seikyo Shimbun’, the daily newspaper of the Soka Gakkai. Orlando Bloom is a member of the UK chapter of Soka Gakkai International, a Buddhist group focused on the teachings of the Japanese priest Nichiren from the 13th century.

The happy couple: Katy and Orlando began dating in 2016, briefly parting ways in 2017 before resuming their relationship the following year

Katy and Orlando, the joyful pair, started seeing each other in 2016. They took a short break in 2017 but got back together in the year that followed.

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