Katy Perry wows with her bold and captivating choice of attire for the grand finale of American Idol

During the American Idol season 21 finale, Katy Perry wowed viewers with her captivating presence in a stunning orange dress by Giuseppe Di Morabito. The 38-year-old singer, who recently posed for a photo shoot with her partner Orlando Bloom, showcased her enviable figure in the form-fitting gown adorned with sheer mesh and sparkling stones. Not shying away from highlighting her assets, Katy confidently flaunted her ample cleavage and toned midriff thanks to the dress’s strategically placed cutouts. Completing the ensemble, Katy paired the outfit with AQUAZZURA’s So Nude 105 Croc Effect open-toe heels, complementing the overall look. Taking to Instagram after the show, the star shared pictures and playfully quipped in the caption, “Aren’t you glad it was a fantastic #idolfinale?”

Wow! Katy Perry captivated audiences across the country on Monday night as she appeared in a sheer orange dress from Giuseppe Di Morabito for the American Idol season 21 finale

Impressive! Katy Perry mesmerized viewers throughout the nation last night when she graced the American Idol season 21 finale wearing a stunning translucent orange gown designed by Giuseppe Di Morabito.

Her soon-to-be husband, who is 46 years old, showed his support for his future wife by leaving two comments on the photo. In the first comment, he dropped a flame emoji, and in the second comment, he shared a peach emoji. Katy’s post received over 75,000 likes from her 198 million followers on the photo-sharing app in just one hour.

To maintain her modesty, the singer-songwriter from California wore high-waisted orange briefs underneath her dress. The dress itself was adorned with three flower-like decorations on each tier of cutouts, making it a stunning fashion piece. Katy, who is also a mother to a two-year-old daughter named Daisy Dove Bloom, wore her long black hair down. She styled it with a loose but structured wave and an undefined side part, letting one side cascade over her shoulder.

As for accessories, Katy wore diamond stud earrings and displayed her oval-cut ruby engagement ring. Her nails were short and natural-looking, manicured in a baby pink shade that coordinated with her pedicure.

Showstopper: The 38-year-old songstress showed off her figure in the clinging, mesh, stone-covered gown

Head-turner: The talented diva, who is in her late thirties, proudly displayed her stunning physique in a form-fitting, eye-catching dress embellished with mesh and sparkling stones.

Sexy: The sleeveless number featured cutouts across the bodice, which exposed the star's ample cleavage and toned midriff

Sultry: The dress without sleeves had stylish cutouts on the chest area, revealing the celebrity’s generous décolletage and well-toned stomach.

Sheer: The California-bred singer-songwriter protected her modesty by donning high-waisted orange briefs under the frock

Dazzling: The stunning fashion piece was adorned with three flower-like accoutrements set along each tier of cutouts

Stunning: Embracing her California roots, the singer-songwriter cleverly maintained her modesty by wearing vibrant orange high-waisted briefs beneath the dress. Adding a touch of dazzle, the dress featured intricate floral accessories gracefully placed on every level of the eye-catching cutouts.

Luscious: The beauty, who is mom to two-year-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom, wore her lengthy raven locks down. Her hair was styled with an undefined side part as one side cascaded over her shoulder in a loose but structured wave

Gorgeous: The stunning woman, who is a mother to a two-year-old girl named Daisy Dove Bloom, chose to keep her lustrous jet-black hair flowing freely. With an effortless yet carefully crafted touch, she opted for a mysterious side part, allowing one side of her hair to gracefully drape over her shoulder in a relaxed yet refined wave.

Pretty: Perry, who joined the music competition series in 2018, looked typically gorgeous in a face of pink-toned makeup

Perry, a participant on the music competition series since 2018, looked stunning as usual with her pink-toned makeup. She excitedly shared exclusive footage from the show on her social media platforms, much to the delight of her dedicated followers. One of her posts featured video clips of her with special guest performer Ellie Goulding. In the caption, she expressed her love for when her favorite pop artists visit her at work and urged her fans to watch and vote for the show. Another post showed her posing backstage with finalist Haven Madison, her performance partner during the three-hour finale. She excitedly tagged Haven and used a heart-shaped emoji to show her affection. The star-studded live finale, which aired on ABC, crowned Iam Tongi as the winner. Host Ryan Seacrest congratulated Iam and declared him the idol after revealing the results of nationwide voting.

Bond: A different post showed her posing backstage with finalist Haven Madison, who she performed with during the three-hour conclusion

Bond: In another post, she shared a relaxed moment backstage with finalist Haven Madison, her performance partner during the exciting three-hour finale.

Winner! Iam Tongi was crowned the winner on the star-studded live finale, which aired on ABC

Triumph! Iam Tongi emerged victorious during the celebrity-filled grand finale that graced the television screens via ABC broadcasting.

In a moment filled with pure joy, a talented 18-year-old student from Kahuku, Hawaii took the stage and mesmerized the audience with his stunning rendition of “Don’t Let Go” by Spawnbreezie. As he sang his heart out, his family beamed with pride, their hands swaying in the air in rhythm to the music.

The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd erupting in cheers as confetti cascaded from the ceiling, creating a whimsical scene of celebration. Not only did the spectators enthusiastically applaud his performance, but the other top 12 contestants also rushed to the stage, engulfing him in warm hugs and joining him in a harmonious chorus.

The show kicked off with a burst of energy, thanks to an electrifying performance by the one and only Pitbull. The competing singers showcased their immense talents, creating a captivating and memorable evening for all.

But that wasn’t all. This star-studded event featured remarkable performances from a range of iconic artists. The audience was treated to extraordinary displays of talent by REO Speedwagon, Kylie Minogue, TLC, Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll, James Blunt, Lauren Daigle, Jazmine Sullivan, Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard, and Keith Urban. Each artist brought their unique style and charisma to the stage, leaving the audience in awe.

This extraordinary night was a testament to the incredible talent and endless possibilities within the world of music. It was a celebration, a gathering of exceptional artists, and a true feast for the senses.

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