Katy Perry Teams Up with Peeps for Easter Shoe Collection: Embracing Bright Colors and Playful Vibes!

Katy Perry is collaborating with Peeps for a new shoe collection launching in spring. The singer, known for hits like “Dark Horse,” revealed to DailyMail.com her excitement about working with the popular candy company for Easter 2023. Perry’s upcoming shoe line draws inspiration from Peeps, embracing the essence of the season to bring a fun and colorful touch to footwear. The 38-year-old artist expressed her love for Easter and her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that the opportunity to partner with Peeps was too good to resist given her fondness for bright colors and playful designs. Perry, who recently posed with her fiancé Orlando Bloom, is looking forward to bringing her unique flair to this innovative project.

New collab: Katy Perry has a new collaboration for spring. The Dark Horse singer shared with DailyMail.com that she is working with famous candy company Peeps for Easter 2023

Exciting news: Katy Perry has announced a fun collaboration for the upcoming spring season. In an interview with DailyMail.com, the talented singer revealed that she will be teaming up with the renowned candy brand Peeps for an Easter project in 2023.

Bunny time: Here is a look at the new shoe; this one is a pink model with a bunny by the toe

Check out the latest shoe from Katy Perry Collections, featuring a cute pink design with a bunny near the toe. Katy Perry, who is not only the founder and CEO of KPC but also a mom to two-year-old Daisy Dove with Orlando Bloom, shared her excitement for the spring-themed shoe. She encouraged everyone to add these shoes to their Easter baskets for a festive touch.

The new line, featuring a collaboration with the iconic PEEPS Brand, was launched recently with Katy urging fans to “Peep this.” The collection will include two styles: the KPC Geli® in bright yellow, blue, and pink, as well as a multicolored pool slide, all adorned with the recognizable PEEPS Brand Bunny motif.

Priced at $59, these shoes will be available for purchase on the Katy Perry Collections website, as well as at various retailers including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Amazon, Zappos, BELK, Verishop, Von Maur, and Showfields Miami. Celebrate spring and bright colors with this playful and colorful collaboration between Katy Perry Collections and PEEPS Brand.

Fun times: Katy Perry Collections now has a 'dynamic collaboration with the renowned holiday confection PEEPS Brand celebrating both brands¿ combined love of bright colors and playful designs,' a press release said

Exciting news: Katy Perry Collections has teamed up with the popular holiday treat PEEPS Brand for a vibrant and playful collaboration that combines their shared passion for bright colors and fun designs. This collaboration promises to bring a whole new level of excitement to both brands.

Cute take: The star spoke exclusively to DailyMail.com about why she was so interested in the new marriage. 'Anyone who knows me, knows that Easter is one of my favorite holidays! I love bright colors, playfulness, and iconic shapes and motifs, so of course, when the opportunity to have our first brand collab be with PEEPS®, I had to hop to it!' she shared; seen in her collection

Adorable scoop: DailyMail.com had a chat with the celebrity about her excitement for the upcoming marriage. She mentioned that Easter is hands down one of her top holidays! Her love for vibrant colors, fun vibes, and timeless patterns made collaborating with PEEPS® a no-brainer for her first brand partnership. See her collection for yourself!

The blue model has a rich color

The yellow model can't be missed

Vibrant appearance: You can also find these shoes available in bright shades of blue and yellow, as shown in the image.

In April last year, she also celebrated Easter by rocking a summery halter dress and flaunting a pair of daisy-themed sandals from her own shoe line. She shared the look on social media, inviting others to ‘cover your Easter garden in daisies with The Gardener, the newest sandal now available at @katyperrycollections.’ The singer acquired full ownership of her shoe line, Katy Perry Collections, which she initially launched in 2017 with Global Brands Group. Perry emphasized that her personal style has evolved over the years to incorporate fun and humor, even as she strives to mix sophistication with playfulness. The pop star revealed to FootwearNews that she decided to take control of her brand following the bankruptcy filing of Global Brands Group in July 2021, unwilling to let her hard work fade into obscurity.

So 2022: Last year Perry shared a look to Instagram for her brand

In 2022, Perry took to Instagram last year to showcase a new look for her brand, expressing her determination to level up and become the CEO boss she aspires to be. She recently mentioned in an interview with WWD about her decision to reclaim her brand and revitalize it instead of letting it fade away. She emphasized her excitement for the upcoming spring line, citing her love for the season and California’s sunny vibe. Perry is eager to launch new products that reflect the rejuvenation and vibrancy of spring, embodying her Easter-themed aesthetic with pastels and gingham prints.

So happy together: Here Katy was seen cuddling her future husband

So full of joy: Katy was spotted hugging her soon-to-be husband in a sweet embrace.

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