“Katy Perry Shines Bright with Four Outfits and 22,000 Crystals at Super Bowl Halftime Show”

Katy Perry began her Super Bowl halftime show with an impressive display of fireworks that went beyond just flames and sparkles. The 30-year-old singer wowed the audience with four different outfits, all created by designer Jeremy Scott. Her performance included a medley of her greatest hits, along with surprise appearances by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot, each segment featuring unique sets and backup dancers.

The first outfit, designed by Moschino’s Jeremy Scott, featured three-dimensional flames and crystal-covered booties. Perry’s interactions with Kravitz during the song transition from “Roar” to “I Kissed A Girl” were full of energy and chemistry. Perry then changed into a silver gown for the performance of “Firework,” where she was lifted high in the air on a special rig, creating an illusion of floating while fireworks exploded in the background, adding to the spectacular show.

The genius: Moschino designer Jeremy Scott was the mind behind all four of the outfits, the first of which featured three dimensional flames and custom LaDuca booties festooned with 12,600 Swarovski crystals

The creative mastermind Jeremy Scott, from the fashion house Moschino, designed all four incredible outfits. The first ensemble stood out with its eye-catching three-dimensional flames and custom-made LaDuca boots embellished with an impressive 12,600 Swarovski crystals.

Behind-the-scenes: A sketch of Katy's outfits for the halftime show posted to social media

Insider peek: A sneak peek of Katy’s halftime show outfits shared on social media.

Twerking: Katy  kicked off her Super Bowl halftime performance by twerking with Kravitz who accompanied her on electric guitar

Twerking: Katy started her Super Bowl halftime show by showing off her dance moves alongside Kravitz, who rocked out on the electric guitar.

Guitar hero worship: Katy got down on her knees as Kravtiz riffed on his electric guitar

Katy was in awe as Kravitz played a mesmerizing riff on his electric guitar, prompting her to kneel down in admiration.

Chess match: Katy jumped off her giant mechanical tiger to dance with some heavily costumed back up dancers

During the chess game, Katy decided to leave her gigantic mechanical tiger and join some elaborately dressed backup dancers on the dance floor.

She's got some front: The dark haired beauty made sure to turn up the heat as she belted out a long list of her tunes

She definitely knows how to make an entrance: The brunette bombshell turned up the energy as she performed a variety of her songs on stage. True to her word from earlier in the week, she brought out sharks and tigers during a costume change, adding some extra flair to the show. Switching gears, she performed California Gurls in a vibrant, colorful mini dress with a group of dancers behind her. Special guest Missy Elliot joined her on stage, delivering a powerful performance of Get Ur Freak On while Perry danced alongside her, showcasing her impressive moves. The 90s superstar showed off her dance skills with energetic jumps and moves throughout the performance.

The girl on fire: Katy wore a dress with a flaming design as she rode a massive metallic tiger into the stadium

Katy made a fiery statement as she entered the stadium on a giant metallic tiger, sporting a dress adorned with flames.

Roaring to life: The star was propped up by a pole as she was strapped in for safety while clinging to a harness

Bursting with energy: The actress was supported by a sturdy pole as she was safely secured with a harness.

Smoke and mirrors: The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker definitely did not hold back on the production design of her halftime show

Illusions and deception: The pop star behind the hit song I Kissed A Girl certainly went all out with the elaborate stage setup for her halftime performance.

Grrr! The 30-year-old growled while singing her greatest hits - performing a mashup of her extensive catalogue

The 30-year-old let out a fierce growl as she belted out her classic tunes, delivering a mashup of her impressive collection of hit songs.

Katy exuded confidence as she flaunted her legs while standing tall in shimmering silver boots.

Dynamic duo: Katy and Lenny's duet went down a storm with the crowd, who cheered their rendition of I Kissed A Girl

Katy and Lenny made quite the splash with their performance of “I Kissed A Girl,” wowing the audience with their dynamic duet. The crowd couldn’t get enough and cheered them on enthusiastically.

Gravity defying: The pop princess leaned over backwards while standing on a giant mechanical lion

The pop queen effortlessly defied gravity as she gracefully bent backwards while perched on top of a colossal mechanical lion.

Winning show: Katy's fans were impressed with her metallic feline companion during her live rendition of Roar

Top performance: Katy’s supporters were in awe of her shiny feline sidekick as she performed Roar live.

Girl on fire: The star's tiny sparkly minidress flattered her frame and created a show-stopping look

The young woman looked stunning in her tiny, sparkly minidress that accentuated her figure and stole the show. Elliott later performed her hit song Lose Control. The singer, who hails from Virginia and is famous for Shake Your Pom Pom, had backup dancers dressed in outfits with MISSY emblazoned on the front. After a brief solo, the rapper was joined on stage by the pop star, who appeared in a silver dress and was lifted into the air. Speculation had been rife that Elliott would make a surprise appearance at Perry’s Super Bowl performance, so it wasn’t exactly unexpected when she did.

Soaring: The singer flew through the stadium as she sang her hit Firework as she changed into a new star-studded silver costume

Flying high: The vocalist glided across the arena belting out her popular song Firework, dazzling the audience in her stunning new silver outfit adorned with glittering stars.

Her royal wave Kate Middleton would be proud of: The queen of pop looked proud as she stood on a tiny platform with stars on the sides

Kate Middleton would surely approve of the elegant wave displayed by the reigning queen of pop. Radiating pride, she confidently stood on a small platform adorned with shining stars.

A shooting star above the crowd: Not only did Katy shine while in the air, but so did her star which shot out fireworks in the back

A brilliant sight amidst the crowd: Katy not only dazzled with her aerial performance, but her star also lit up the sky with a stunning display of fireworks in the background.

Afraid of absolutely nothing: Perry looked confident as she glided above the stage, but she often does this stunt in her concerts too

Fearless: Perry exuded confidence as she effortlessly moved across the stage, a stunt she frequently performs during her live shows.

Surreal: As she belted out her tunes high in the air, dancers carrying glowing balls of coloured light put on a show down bellow

In a dreamlike scene, she sang her heart out while suspended high above the ground, as dancers below dazzled the audience with their colorful, glowing orbs.

Dramatic: Her star-emblazoned dress was reminiscent of a Christmas cracker with its sparkly silver stars 

Creative: The dress she wore, adorned with shining silver stars, gave off vibes of a festive Christmas cracker.

Starry night: The gown boasted a thigh-high split and she paired it with silver ankle boots

Under the starry night sky, she wore a stunning gown with a daring thigh-high split, effortlessly pairing it with shimmering silver ankle boots.

Shooting star: The singer wowed the massive crowd in Glendale, Arizona with her gravity-defying stunt

A magical moment unfolded in Glendale, Arizona as the singer dazzled a huge audience with her breathtaking performance, leaving everyone in awe.

Statement: Katy's dress featured nude panels and some 3D stars on her shoulders

Katy rocked a chic dress with nude panels and eye-catching 3D stars adorning her shoulders.

Fearless: Katy showed no sign of being scared on her tiny platform as she flew through the air

Unafraid: Katy displayed courage as she soared through the air on her small platform without any hint of fear.

The surprise guest: She was also joined by special guest Missy Elliot, the icon belted out Get Ur Freak On as Perry danced next to her

The unexpected visitor: Alongside her, Missy Elliot made a special appearance and rocked the stage with her hit song Get Ur Freak On while Perry grooved along beside her.

Jumping girls: Katy switched into yet another costume as she got some back up from dancing girls and sharks

Dancing Divas: Katy quickly changed into a new outfit with the help of her backup dancers and some shark performers.

She keeps her word: She then made good on her promise earlier in the week to have sharks and tigers in her show as when she underwent another costumed change she was joined by costumed underwater predators

True to her word, she fulfilled her promise from earlier in the week by incorporating sharks and tigers into her show. As she appeared in a new costume, she was accompanied by costumed underwater predators, staying true to her commitment.

Just too cute: The Santa Barbara native wore an outfit that tweeters have said look like the Hot Dog On A Stick Girls, which is not the most flattering feedback

Absolutely adorable: The singer from Santa Barbara rocked an ensemble that some on social media have compared to the uniforms worn by the Hot Dog On A Stick Girls, receiving less-than-ideal feedback.
Before taking the stage, Katy jokingly addressed the controversy surrounding the New England Patriots and their alleged use of deflated footballs during a playoff game at an NFL press conference in Phoenix. “I can guarantee that there will be nothing deflated in my performance,” she quipped.
With an anticipated viewership of a staggering 115 million people – approximately one-third of Americans – the Super Bowl halftime show is essentially a national holiday in the US. Even those not interested in football often come together at Super Bowl parties to watch the extravaganza.

She knows she nailed it: The ex-wife of Russell Brand looks overjoyed while on stage, probably because her performance went so well

She appears to be in high spirits: Russell Brand’s former wife is beaming as she stands on stage, seemingly delighted with how well her performance went.

Not showing too much, just enough: The You're So Gay singer didn't reveal too much flesh; this was her most risque outfit

Keeping it subtle, the artist famous for You’re So Gay opted for a modest look in her latest attire, making it her most daring outfit yet.

Number one: The brunette beauty - and Cover Girl model - had men wearing surf boards for her California Girls performance

First on the list: The gorgeous brunette, who is also a CoverGirl model, had the guys swooning over her performance of “California Girls,” making them wish they were surfboards.

Beach party: The star's outfit was reminiscent of a colorful beach ball, while her back-up dancers were rocking retro swimwear

At the beach bash, the celebrity’s attire seemed to take inspiration from a vibrant beach ball, while her support dancers were sporting vintage swimwear with a cool retro vibe.

Poptastic: The fun-filled performance was classic Katy - kitch, girly and full of energy 

Poptastic: The lively show embodied all the trademark elements of classic Katy Perry – quirky, feminine, and bursting with enthusiasm.

Surf's up: The beach scene featured waves and aquatic creatures as well as Katy and her crew

Get ready to catch some waves because the beach was bustling with activity, from the crashing waves to the marine life, all under the watchful eye of Katy and her friends.

Every last detail: Even the Part Of Me hit-maker's microphone boasted a multicoloured design

Every single aspect: Even the microphone of the artist who created the hit song Part Of Me had a vibrant, multicolored design.

Watch where you're going: Some of Katy's dancers got a little confused without any eye holes in their costumes

Pay attention to your surroundings: A few of Katy’s dancers became disoriented while wearing costumes that didn’t have any eye holes.

Going viral: People on Twitter were talking about one of the sharks forgetting his moves

Creating a buzz online: Twitter users were abuzz over one of the sharks seemingly forgetting its usual dance routine.

Flirty and fun: The singer's sweetheart neckline dress flattered her petite frame 

Playful and charming: The pop star looked stunning in her sweetheart neckline dress, which perfectly complemented her petite figure. As she prepared for her halftime show at the most significant football game of the year, Katy Perry took a trip down memory lane by sharing a throwback photo from her childhood on Twitter. Captioning the snap, she reflected on how her childhood dream of performing for millions was now coming true. “Today is all about this little girl,” she wrote, emphasizing how she always believed in herself and her abilities. “She had the dream, always believed in herself & her worth. Today she is the one smiling,” she shared with her 64.3 million followers.

Marching on: The singer's blowout show featured a series of elaborately choreographed routines

Moving forward: The singer’s spectacular concert showcased a number of intricately choreographed performances.

So that's how they did it! The massive tiger was propelled by human puppeteers 

That’s the secret behind the amazing tiger performance! The giant tiger was brought to life by skilled puppeteers controlling its movements.

She likes the guitar! The pop princess backed up against Kravitz, 50, as she rubbed up against him while he riffed on his steel strings

She is a fan of the guitar! The popular singer playfully leaned into Kravitz, who is 50 years old, while she danced along to the music he was creating with his guitar.

Rock it girl! . The suave rocker sported a leather jacket and dark sunglasses as they switched from Perry's hit Roar to I Kissed A Girl

You go, girl! The cool rocker was dressed in a leather jacket and stylish sunglasses as they smoothly transitioned from performing Perry’s popular song Roar to the iconic track I Kissed A Girl.

Fronting: Perry backed up Missy Elliot by showing some attitude on stage as they dove into Get Ur Freak On

Perry brought some serious attitude to the stage while supporting Missy Elliot during their energetic performance of the hit song Get Ur Freak On.

She's number 49 here: The Cosmopolitan cover girl wore a zip-up jacket with diamonds all over it for her rap song

She holds the 49th spot: The model gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan donned a flashy zip-up jacket embellished with dazzling diamonds while performing her rap track.

Different look: Katy's edgy hip-hop inspired look was a far cry from her usual bold, girly ensembles

A new style: Katy rocked an edgy hip-hop inspired outfit that was a departure from her typically bold and feminine fashion choices.

She's back: Rap goddess Missy Elliott brought the house down with her impressive skills 

Guess who’s making a triumphant return? The Queen of Rap herself, Missy Elliott, blew the roof off with her incredible talent and skills.

Work it: Katy struck her best poses as she stood alongside Missy in her oversized hoodie

Katy showed off her modeling skills as she stood next to Missy, rocking a baggy hoodie with confidence.

Bust a move: The women's duet was widely regarded as the highlight of Katy's stellar set by viewers

Show off your dance skills: Viewers were left in awe of the women’s duet, which was considered the standout moment of Katy’s amazing performance.

Double trouble: Missy stole the show with a medley of Get Your Freak On, Work It, and Lose Control

Missy caused a scene with her performance, blending Get Your Freak On, Work It, and Lose Control into a captivating medley.

Taking to the mic: Missy had a seriously cool silver crystal embellished microphone 

Stepping up to the microphone, Missy showcased a striking silver crystal-adorned mic. In the image, Katy, whose real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, sported a satin purple dress with billowy polka dot sleeves. Her natural blonde hair was styled in a half up, half down ‘do as she dazzled the audience at a local talent competition.
In a tweet on Sunday, Katy expressed, “Today is a gift from the Lord! I choose to be joyful in it!” At NBC’s Super Bowl pre-show, Katy opened up during a sit-down chat with anchor Josh Elliott. Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “I’m thinking about the little girl inside me who had a dream and I’m not going to let her down,” when asked about headlining this year’s halftime show.

Can't get enough of him: The star, who has dated another guitar hero John Mayer off and on, was clearly impressed with the rocker's skills

I just can’t get enough of him: The celebrity, who has had a relationship with fellow guitar legend John Mayer on and off, was definitely amazed by the rocker’s talents.

Exploding: Her ride on the big metal cat ended in an impressive fireworks display

Bursting with a bang: The grand finale of her journey on the large metallic feline culminated in a dazzling fireworks show.

Wild: The star's back-up dancers were dressed in metallic outfits reminiscent of the Tin Man in the Wizard Of Oz

Crazy: The backup dancers for the star were rocking shiny, metallic costumes that totally gave off major Tin Man vibes from the Wizard Of Oz.

Gravity-defying: Katy wore her locks in a high ponytail with long extensions for extra impact

Katy rocked a high ponytail with luxurious extensions that seemed to defy gravity, adding extra wow-factor to her look.

Huge operation: The giant animal was being operated by men in full bodysuits 

Massive procedure: The enormous creature was undergoing surgery performed by individuals dressed in complete body coverings.

Burning up: The flame-themed set made a big impact as usual and sent her 64.4million Twitter followers wild

Setting things on fire: The fiery collection created a huge stir as expected, causing a frenzy among her 64.4 million Twitter followers.

Show-stopper: The raven-haired star certainly knows how to put on a good show

Show-stopper: The dark-haired celebrity definitely has a knack for putting on a captivating performance.

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