“Katy Perry rocks a stunning all-black look at Madonna’s LA concert before indulging in Papa John’s pizza”

After attending Madonna’s concert in Los Angeles on Monday night, Katy Perry indulged in some delicious pizza to satisfy her hunger. Madonna, known as the ‘Queen Of Pop’ at 65, had brought her Celebration Tour to the Kia Forum in Inglewood for a series of five shows ending on Tuesday. Katy, 39, had a fantastic time with her friends in a VIP area, grooving to Madonna’s music. In photos posted by Katy on Tuesday, the Teenage Dream singer looked stunning in an all-black ensemble featuring a sexy halter top, a vinyl A-line skirt, thigh-high boots, and a stylish tiny purse.

Katy Perry chowed down on pizza after catching her 'mother' Madonna 's concert in Los Angeles on Monday night

Following Madonna’s concert in Los Angeles, Katy Perry indulged in some pizza as a post-show treat with her friends. Sporting her iconic dark hair in a messy bun and bold black eyeshadow accentuating her blue eyes, Katy and her pals gathered at her Montecito home for a group photo before hitting the venue. She shared a selfie-video of herself singing along with Madonna during the show, highlighting the importance of finding a balance in life. After the concert, the Grammy-nominated artist enjoyed a Papa Johns pizza, emphasizing the need for a little indulgence now and then. Katy affectionately referred to Madonna as ‘mother’ in her social media post, recounting her experience practicing bikram yoga and kundalini before the concert, and ending the night with some delicious pizza.

As per photos shared by Katy on Tuesday, the Teenage Dream hitmaker rocked a sexy all-black look for the concert

According to the images posted by Katy on Tuesday, the pop sensation Teenage Dream looked stunning in an all-black outfit for the show.

While still fully dressed in her glam look, Katy posed with Papa Johns pizza boxes

Sporting her glamorous attire, Katy maintained her outfit while striking a pose alongside boxes of Papa John’s pizza.

Katy's pals congregated at her Montecito home, where the posed for a group photo before heading to the show

Katy’s friends gathered at her lovely Montecito residence, coming together for a group photo before making their way to the event.

She then had someone snap a photo of them making their way through the venue

Later, a photo was taken of them navigating through the venue. Accompanying Katy Perry were other celebrities like Paris Jackson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Seth Rogen, and Ellen DeGeneres at Madonna’s recent concert. Katy also mingled with other A-list stars at an Oscars party last weekend. She donned a beautiful white strapless gown with matching stilettos and gold jewelry handpicked by her stylist, Tatiana Waterford, at a Beverly Hills event. At the party, Katy was captured sitting next to Sam Altman, a tech industry tycoon worth $2 billion, in a chair, which was posted on designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s Instagram Story. Her fiancĂ© of five years, actor Orlando Bloom, and their three-year-old daughter Daisy Dove Bloom were not with her during the weekend celebrations. Katy revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live on February 13 that she might bid farewell to American Idol after its upcoming season in order to focus on traveling and producing new music.

Katy put her iPhone in selfie mode to capture a quick video of herself singing along during the show with her friends

Katy flipped her iPhone camera to selfie mode so she could record a fun video of herself belting out the lyrics alongside her friends at the concert.

In her post's caption, she reminded fans of the importance of 'balance' and fondly referred to Madonna as 'mother'

In the caption of her post, she emphasized the significance of maintaining a sense of ‘balance’ and affectionately addressed Madonna as ‘mother’.

Katy wrote: 'Did bikram yoga, awakened kundalini and opened up my throat chakra with my mother @madonna last night. 'Oh yeah and then I had pizza cause ya know, balance,' she concluded

Katy shared that she practiced Bikram yoga, activated her Kundalini energy, and balanced her throat chakra with her mother Madonna yesterday. To top it off, she also treated herself to pizza because, you know, it’s all about finding that balance.

Paris Jackson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Seth Rogen and Ellen DeGeneres were also among the celebrities in attendance at Madonna's Monday show

Paris Jackson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Seth Rogen, and Ellen DeGeneres were among the notable names spotted at Madonna’s concert on Monday.

Expressing her fondness for American Idol, Katy revealed that the show has connected her with the heart of America. However, she feels the need to follow her own rhythm and find her own beat.

Looking ahead, Katy is eager for an exciting year ahead, especially for female pop stars. She hinted at spreading her wings and embracing new opportunities.

Excited for her upcoming headline performance at the Brazilian music festival Rock in Rio, Katy can’t wait to take the ‘World Stage’ in Rio de Janeiro on September 20.

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