Katy Perry Raves About De Soi’s Latest Rosé-Inspired Flavor: A Delight for Women Who Embrace Leisure (Exclusive)

Perry explains to PEOPLE that the treat is both low in sugar and calories, making it a perfect and tasty option for the summer season.

Monroe Alvarez, a fan of California girls like Katy Perry, was excited to hear about the latest launch from non-alcoholic sparkling apéritif brand De Soi. The brand introduced their new Très Rosé flavor, perfect for warm weather, and co-founders Perry and Morgan McLachlan shared all the details with PEOPLE magazine. Perry described the new flavor as their summer-ready option, inspired by a dry, crisp rosé that’s popular during sunny days. Très Rosé, the fourth flavor in their lineup, is said to taste like a mix of tart raspberry and lychee. McLachlan, an experienced distiller, shared that the drink features unique ingredients like rooibos from green tea, lion’s mane mushroom, and saffron, which contribute to a relaxing sensation.

Monroe Alvarez, the co-founder of De Soi, shared that the main aim of their product was to create a drink that mimics the effects of alcohol without containing any alcohol. The taste profile is described as light and refreshing, with hints of red fruit and soft florals similar to those found in a rosé wine. According to Alvarez, Très Rosé is perfect for any upcoming celebrations in the coming months.

Alvarez’s business partner, Perry, added that their target audience is people who are looking for a laid-back vibe and a bit of sun-kissed relaxation. The De Soi line was created with a focus on balance, with a low sugar and calorie content making it a perfect drink for summertime enjoyment.

Although the Grammy nominee has experimented with a sober lifestyle, she doesn’t like to label herself in any particular way. However, she finds the De Soi beverage particularly appealing during times when she needs to hit the reset button, especially as she navigates the demands of her career and parenthood at the age of 38.

Monroe Alvarez mentioned that she enjoys drinking sparkling water and coffee, but also likes to indulge in Très Rosé when she’s in a weekend or vacation mood. She particularly loves the Purple Lune flavor from De Soi, which contains ashwagandha and tart cherry. This flavor brings back memories of her past favorite red wines like Malbec and Burgundies, but she avoids them now as they affect her sleep, especially with a toddler like her 2½-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove, keeping her on her toes. Perry now prioritizes what she consumes more than ever, as she no longer wants to deal with the hangover effects of certain drinks and needs to ensure she gets proper rest.

In addition to her work on De Soi, Perry has also been busy with motherhood and her Las Vegas residency Play, which will be ongoing until October. Even her daughter Daisy has been in the audience, enjoying the show and singing along. Perry shares that her daughter always wants to see her perform and is a big fan.

While it has been almost three years since Perry released her last album Smile, she assures fans that her creative juices have never stopped flowing, even though she hasn’t been in the public eye as much. She is eager to release new music and go on a world tour to share it with her fans. Perry is excited for the upcoming chapter of her music career and promises that the new music is coming from a place of love and healing.

Although Perry’s new music isn’t quite ready for release, she is getting feedback from a very important focus group – her daughter Daisy. Perry always plays her new music for Daisy first to see how she responds to it.

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