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Katy Perry indulged in a UK culinary favorite – baked beans on toast – while on tour, but the singer found herself dealing with a windy side effect, causing her to feel bloated and gassy. Despite the discomfort, Katy admitted her love for the dish, even joking about potentially “going off like a firework” due to the beans.

During her performance in London, Katy amusingly shared with the audience that her belly rubs were an attempt to ease the bloating caused by her beloved baked beans. Aside from this British treat, Katy also sampled other local delicacies like meat pies and Yorkshire puddings during her stay in Sheffield.

At Silversmiths restaurant, Katy showed interest in Sheffield’s history as a hub for silver manufacturing before digging into her meal. She was initially surprised by Yorkshire puddings being served as starters but quickly grew to love them. She also thoroughly enjoyed a Whirlow Hall Farm meat pie with Henderson’s Relish gravy, leaving empty plates behind when she and her party departed.

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