“Katy Perry Electrifies the Crowd with a Show-Stopping Lip Sync at YouTube’s Brandcast Event in New York City”

Katy Perry dazzled the audience with a sexy and captivating performance at YouTube’s Brandcast event in New York. The 32-year-old pop star took the stage after Google’s pitch on why advertisers should invest in online video platforms like YouTube instead of traditional TV. With her energetic performance, Katy Perry entertained the crowd of 2,800 attendees and left everyone in awe.

Sєxy/corporate: Katy Perry performed at YouTube's Brandcast event in New York on Thursday night

“You have to enjoy what you do because you only have one life,” she expressed with a hint of uncertainty to the crowd.
“This may be a corporate event, but we can definitely add a touch of allure,” she proclaimed. “I know it seems out of place to be alluring in a corporate setting.”
With her fresh blonde pixie cut, she sported an all-pastel pink leather ensemble of suspenders, bodysuit, and blazer.
She then launched into performances of Chained To The Rhythm, Dark Horse, Teenage Dream, and Firework.

headliner: After listening to Google's spiel on why advertisers should spend money on the video-sharing website rather than conventional TV, the California Gurl was trotted out before the 2,800 crowd


I'm lovin it: 'You only get one life, so you should love what you do,' she not-quite-convincingly told the audience


If you say so: 'This is corporate event, but we can still feel a little Sєxy,' she declared. 'I know it's strange to be Sєxy and corporate.'


Tickled pink: Rocking her new blonde cropped do, she wore an all-pastel pink leather outfit of suspenders, bodysuit and blazer

Additionally, she showcased her latest single called “Bon Apetite” during her performance at the Met Gala on Monday. The entertainment included dancers in body stockings who moved in and out of rotating oval doors, and at one point, only their reaching arms were visible.

All the hits: She then kicked into renditions of Chained To The Rhythm, Dark Horse, Teenage Dream and Firework

The performance setting appeared to slightly throw off the singer, who even missed her cue to start singing Dark Horse as the background vocals continued without her. James Corden introduced her to the stage, highlighting her accomplishment as the only artist to have multiple music videos surpass one billion views.

Eat up: She also performed the brand new single - Bon Apeтιтe - which she had debuted at Monday's Met Gala


Weird: The show featured quirky body-stockinged dancers who leapt in and out of revolving oval doors, or at one stage just their groping arms protruding

“Brace yourself for an explosive performance… I can’t wait to hear you Roar,” he excitedly expressed. Katy Perry will be appearing on Ryan Seacrest’s innovative YouTube show, Best. Cover. Ever., where fans have the incredible opportunity to showcase their talents alongside their beloved musicians.

I knew you were (lipsyncing): The set seemed to distract the songstress a bit, even missing her cue at the start of Dark Horse as the backing vocals snag on without her

She plans to engage with fans by hosting a live session to listen to her latest album together. In addition, she will be treating her followers to a string of live concert videos supported by ads.

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