“Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Fun-Filled Jet Ski Adventure in St. Tropez with Daughter Daisy Dove”

Katy Perry had a blast on her vacation in St. Tropez with her adorable daughter Daisy Dove. The singer, known for hits like “California Gurls,” hopped on a jet ski with her two-year-old on Monday for some fun in the sun. Her partner Orlando Bloom, Daisy’s dad, also joined in on the water fun. Sporting matching black safety helmets and life jackets, Perry and her mini-me looked ready for an adventure as they zoomed around the sparkling blue waters. Just recently, Perry wowed in a stylish double-denim outfit at a Vogue event, proving she can rock any look on and off the stage.

Vacation mode: Katy Perry spent some quality time with her daughter Daisy Dove while on vacation in St. Tropez

On her getaway to St. Tropez, Katy Perry enjoyed some precious moments with her daughter Daisy Dove.

Action-packed: The California Gurls hitmaker, 38, enjoyed an action-packed getaway as she took the two-year-old on a jet ski ride on Monday

Thrilling adventure: The pop sensation, 38, had an exciting vacation as she went on a jet ski ride with her two-year-old on Monday.

Summer fun! Katy was also pictured on a water bike during the adventurous outing

Summer time enjoyment! Katy was captured riding a water bike during her exciting day out.

Family getaway: Perry was joined by her longtime partner, and Daisy's father, Orlando Bloom, 46, who took Daisy onboard the yacht after her water adventure

Family vacation: Perry was accompanied by her partner of many years, as well as Daisy’s dad, Orlando Bloom, 46, who joined them on the yacht after Daisy’s fun time in the water.

The local from Santa Barbara skillfully navigated the jet ski back to their luxurious yacht. Katy was also seen on a water bike during the fun-filled excursion, flaunting her fit legs in a stylish one-piece navy swimsuit with a red stripe and yellow sleeve detail. The Dark Horse singer had her dark hair up in a casual bun and rocked a pair of black sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun. Once the mother and daughter returned to the yacht, Katy passed Daisy to Orlando before taking a moment to relax in the water. After a brief rest, the American Idol judge hopped on a water bike for another round of adventure. Later on, Orlando took his turn on a jet ski, while Katy and their friends watched from the comfort of the boat.

Swimwear: She wore a one-piece navy swimsuit with a red stripe running down the middle and yellow sleeve trim

Swimwear: She sported a stylish navy one-piece swimsuit featuring a bold red stripe down the center and fun yellow trim on the sleeves.

Adventure with mom: Perry was seen operating the jet ski while the toddler was seated in front of her

Fun day out with mom: Perry was spotted driving the jet ski with her little one in front, enjoying the ride together.

Safety first: The singer and her mini-me matched in black safety helmets and both sported life jackets for the joy ride

Prioritizing safety: The singer and her little one donned matching black helmets for protection and made sure to wear life jackets before embarking on their joyful ride.

Time off: Katy was pictured strolling on the luxury yacht while Orlando showed off his muscled form

During their time off, Katy was seen leisurely walking around the opulent yacht, while Orlando flaunted his toned physique.

Calm before the storm: Perry has been taking advantage of some rare off time before kicking off the last run of her Las Vegas residency ¿ which reportedly earned her $168million

Enjoying the peace before the storm: Perry has been making the most of a rare break before starting the final leg of her Las Vegas residency, which is said to have brought in a whopping $168 million in earnings.

Active: Katy got a helping hand while hopping onto the water bike

Rewritten: Katy received some assistance when she was getting onto the hydrobike.

Accident: At one point the star suffered a small mishap as she fell into the water

Mishap: There was a small accident when the star took a tumble into the water.

The actor from Pirates of the Caribbean was seen wearing stylish white swim shorts. Perry has been enjoying a break before her Las Vegas residency resumes, where she reportedly earned a staggering $168 million. She recently had a night out with her fiancé Orlando at the popular Chiltern Firehouse in London. The couple was recently spotted at the British Vogue x Self Portrait Summer Party and Wimbledon, as well as attending Bruce Springsteen’s show at the BST Hyde Park music festival. Katy rocked a trendy double-denim outfit that highlighted her famous curves as she left the star-studded event. During Bruce Springsteen’s performance at the festival, Katy and Orlando were spotted sharing romantic moments and passionate kisses on one of the VIP platforms.

Sunny: Katy shielded her eyes from the sun rays with a pair of black sunglasses

Sunny: Katy protected her eyes from the blinding sun with a chic set of black shades.

Next adventure: The American Idol judge rested for a while before hopping on a water bike

Upcoming escapade: After taking a break, the American Idol judge hopped onto a jet ski for some water fun.

Casual: The Dark Horse singer wore her raven tresses pulled into a loose bun

Informal: The musician known for her hit song “Dark Horse” styled her black hair into a relaxed bun.

Water pro: Katy navigated on the water bike like a pro

Water pro: Katy navigated on the water bike like a pro

Water enthusiast Katy effortlessly operated the water bike with expert skill.

Daring: At one point she held onto the bike handle with just one hand

Brave: She once rode her bike holding onto the handlebars with only one hand.

Engaged: Katy and Orlando have been engaged since February 2019

Parents: Katy gave birth to the little girl in August 2020

Katy and Orlando have been betrothed since February of 2019.

Rekindled love: The couple split in 2017 but rekindled their love in 2018

Reignited romance: After going their separate ways in 2017, the couple found their way back to each other’s hearts in 2018.

Biggest fans: Earlier this year, Orlando gushed over Katy and Daisy as he referred to them as his 'biggest fans'

Orlando expressed his admiration for Katy and Daisy, calling them his number one supporters earlier this year.

Blessed: He gave PEOPLE an update on Daisy. 'She's beautiful, she's growing fast, big, strong and healthy. And you can't be more blessed than that,' he gushed

Lucky: PEOPLE received a positive update on Daisy from him. ‘She’s absolutely stunning, developing quickly, impressive in size, robust, and in good health. It doesn’t get any luckier than that,’ he excitedly shared.

Still in love: Katy was spotted packing on the PDA with Orlando during Bruce Springsteen's American Express promoted BST performance on Saturday, July 8

Keeping the romance alive: Katy and Orlando were seen showing their affection publicly during Bruce Springsteen’s American Express-sponsored BST show on Saturday, July 8th.

Orlando pulled out his iPhone to capture a sweet moment with Katy, as they shared a smooch for a selfie while surrounded by fellow Hollywood stars including Emma Thompson, Leslie Mann, Tim Robbins, and Amy Schumer. Prior to this, the couple were seen enjoying a day at Wimbledon together.

Expressing his admiration for Katy and their daughter Daisy, Orlando shared with PEOPLE that he feels incredibly blessed to have a healthy and growing family. He also praised Katy for her successful career and how they support each other in their respective endeavors.

Having been previously married to Miranda Kerr with whom he shares a son, Orlando met Katy at the Golden Globes and they began dating, eventually getting engaged and welcoming their daughter in 2020. Their love story is one of rekindled romance and mutual support, with Orlando highlighting how they recognize and celebrate each other’s successes.

Making a splash! Later Orlando also enjoyed a ride around on a jet ski while Katy and the couple's friends watched from the boat

Having a blast! Afterward, Orlando had fun riding a jet ski around while Katy and their friends looked on from the boat.

Staying safe: Like his other half he also sported a safety helmet

Keeping secure: Just like his partner, he was also wearing a protective helmet.

Breaking the waves: Orlando effortlessly glided through the water

Riding the waves: Orlando smoothly sailed across the water.

Protected: He also sported a grey life jacket

Shielded: He also rocked a stylish gray life vest.

Supportive: Orlando recently praised Katy for being a supportive partner. 'I think we support each other because we are fans of one another, you know what I mean?'

Orlando recently expressed admiration for Katy’s supportive nature as a partner. “I believe we both back each other because we genuinely admire each other, you know what I mean?”

The pop superstar, known for her hit “California Gurls,” tied the knot with British actor Russell Brand in a highly-publicized marriage in October 2011, only to part ways just two months later. Now in a happy relationship with Orlando, Katy assured talk show host Drew Barrymore recently that their wedding plans are still in place, with a focus on throwing a big, extravagant celebration. Although the location has posed some challenges, Katy remains enthusiastic about the upcoming event, hoping that it will happen soon. Currently wrapping up her successful Las Vegas residency at the Resorts World hotel, which began in December 2021, Katy mentioned in a previous interview with Out magazine about the possibility of a new world tour, hinting at reconnecting with her fans who couldn’t make it to her Vegas show. She expressed her excitement about hitting the road again, sharing her eagerness to see her fans and bring her music to various audiences around the world.

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