Katy Perry: A Memorable Night in Reykjavik as the Norwegian Prima’s Proud Godmother

The widely celebrated superstar took on a significant position and acted as the esteemed godparent of the brand-new Norwegian Prima cruise liner, providing it with a delightful blessing prior to commencing its maiden voyage from the enchanting town of Reykjavik in Iceland.

The new Norwegian Prima was launched by pop queen Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the famous pop superstar, joyfully kicked off the exciting debut of the newest gem in the world of cruise ships – the remarkable Norwegian Prima.

Pop Superstar Katy Perry, performs at the Norwegian Prima's christening ceremony in Reykjavik, where she became the ship's godmother.

Paying a visit to the picturesque city of Reykjavik, the renowned pop sensation Katy Perry was the highlight of the christening ceremony for the breathtaking Norwegian Prima cruise ship. With her captivating performance, she was officially named the godmother of the ship, a befitting title for a superstar of her stature. This remarkable event was beautifully captured by Getty, forever preserving this unparalleled experience for everyone to marvel at.

Just one of the sundecks on board the new Norwegian Prima

A breathtaking sun terrace awaits aboard the newest Norwegian Prima vessel, offering an unrivaled experience at sea.

Spacious design cabins on board

The cabins on Prima, the pioneer ship in its category, are renowned for their spacious layout. Norwegian Cruise Lines has added something truly exceptional, making it a daunting task for future ships to surpass. The buzz around this groundbreaking vessel, boasting 20 decks and accommodating up to 3,099 passengers, was all about taking things to a higher level. Additionally, five more ships almost identical to Prima are scheduled for launch by 2027, with Norwegian Viva set to make its debut next year.

From top to bottom, Prima feels more like a luxurious resort than a conventional cruise ship. It offers a plethora of water and land-based activities, a wide range of dining options, serene bars, and vibrant venues that keep the party going long into the night. However, before passengers can dive straight into the excitement, they must first unpack and settle into their cabins. Our cabin, which spanned around 231 square feet, showcased a contemporary and sleek decor, complete with a generously proportioned shower area in the bathroom. The balcony, equipped with the standard table and chairs, went above and beyond in terms of comfort and style, and there was an abundance of storage space available.

One of the ship’s distinctive features is the reinvented Prima Speedway track, spanning three levels, which Norwegian Cruise Lines takes immense pride in. This track allows guests to engage in friendly competition with their loved ones on electric go-karts, reaching speeds of up to 30 mph as they navigate around the ship’s funnel, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean. Stretching across 1,375 feet and featuring 14 turns, this is the largest race track among Norwegian’s fleet, complete with the excitement of checkered flags, podiums, and a digital scoreboard.

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