“Jennifer Lopez’s Motorcycle Journey: Mastering the Art for Her Latest Film Role”

Có thể là hình ảnh về 2 người và xe môtô

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Netflix’s ‘The Mother’ stars Jennifer Lopez as the main character, a highly skilled female assassin on a mission to protect her daughter from her dangerous past. Lopez showcases her action skills in thrilling motorcycle scenes as she comes to her daughter’s rescue. Fans may wonder if Lopez had prior experience with motorcycle riding or if she had to learn for the film. Find out everything about Jennifer Lopez’s motorcycle skills in ‘The Mother’ and the bikes she rides in the movie. Spoilers alert!

Jennifer Lopez, known for her dancing, singing, and acting career, has dabbled in action roles in films like ‘Parker,’ ‘Shotgun Wedding,’ and ‘Money Train.’ However, Lopez has revealed that ‘The Mother’ was one of the most challenging action films she has been a part of. In the movie, Lopez portrays an unnamed female assassin with a military background.

In ‘The Mother,’ Jennifer Lopez shows off her character’s combat skills and physical prowess, including motorcycle riding. The film features two action-packed motorcycle sequences where Lopez rides a Yamaha RX model. The first scene is a thrilling chase through the streets of Havana, which was actually filmed in Spain. Lopez learned how to ride a motorcycle and snowmobile for her role, but professional stunt protocols were followed during filming. The specific Yamaha RX model used in the film is not clearly identified due to the fast-paced editing of the scenes.

In the second scene of the movie, Lopez’s character is seen riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle to protect her daughter. The motorcycle appears to be a customized 2022 edition of the Harley Davidson Forty-Eight in Vivid Black color with a powerful 1200cc engine. While the market price for the 2022 Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is around $12,299, Lopez does not actually own any motorcycles in real life, despite portraying two different ones in the film ‘The Mother.’ Interestingly, it was reported that the actress sold off her former husband Ben Affleck’s beloved motorcycle collection in 2022.

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