Jennifer Lopez turns up the heat in sizzling pink dress, stirring up buzz during media rounds… following playful lyrics about passion with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez dazzled as she departed from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York last Friday. The 54-year-old actress from Hustlers stole the spotlight in a stunning pink gown that accentuated her curves and revealed a hint of cleavage, attracting attention from fans who eagerly awaited her autograph. Sporting silver peep-toe heels and an oversized grey coat, she completed her look with a silver clutch in hand and her caramel brown hair styled sleek and straight. With a touch of delicate glam, she took the time to speak about her recent film and music project, This Is Me… Now. Her appearance stirred up excitement among fans after she surprised them by singing about her intimate relationship with husband Ben Affleck in a new track from the album.

Jennifer Lopez put on a sizzling display as she left The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York on Friday

Jennifer Lopez turned up the heat with her stunning appearance as she exited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York last Friday.

The Hustlers star, 54, turned up the heat in a plunging pink gown that showed off her ample cleavage and featured a front slit

The actress, aged 54, amped up her style in a stunning pink gown that highlighted her generous cleavage and had a daring front slit. In addition to attending various events, she also sat down with Apple Music Radio host Ebro Darden and Ja Rule to discuss her upcoming projects.

During one of her outings, she impressed in chic black leather shorts, a cozy cream hoodie, and a luxurious fur jacket. To complete the look, JLo rocked sheer black stockings and towering black platform shoes. Her hair was styled in a sleek low ponytail, and she accessorized with statement gold earrings and trendy sunglasses with gradient lenses.

In her latest music project, inspired by her rekindled romance with Affleck after two decades apart, the star doesn’t hold back. In one track, she sings about the passionate moments shared with her partner, painting a vivid picture of their intimacy. She also expresses her belief in destiny and the enduring love they share, declaring that they are living out a real-life fairytale.

The lyrics capture the essence of their journey, from a chance encounter to a love that stood the test of time. JLo reminisces about the past and the missed opportunities, realizing that their love story could have remained a secret if they hadn’t fought for their happiness.

During her busy day the star also joined Apple Music Radio host Ebro Darden and Ja Rule to chat about her projects

While juggling her hectic schedule, the celebrity found time to hop on Apple Music Radio with Ebro Darden and Ja Rule to discuss her latest ventures.

For that outing she wowed in tiny black leather shorts with a cream hoodie and a fur jacket

During the excursion, she impressed everyone with her small black leather shorts paired with a cream hoodie and a furry jacket.

She wore her hair slicked back into a sleek low ponytail and accessorized with large gold earrings

Her hair was styled in a polished low ponytail, complemented by statement gold earrings.

Jennifer and Ben made headlines when they reignited their love nearly two decades after canceling their engagement back in 2003. They eventually got married in Las Vegas and Georgia in 2022.

Jennifer is set to release three new projects centered around her quest for love – an ambitious musical film called This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, her upcoming album This Is Me… Now, and a documentary detailing the creation process of the film and the record named The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

During a detailed conversation with Variety, it was disclosed that Lopez drew inspiration from love letters penned by Affleck while working on her latest album.

The documentary captures the moment when Ben unexpectedly stumbled upon a group of writers sifting through the stack of letters. Jennifer had shared the collection with her colleagues, which Affleck had named ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told’.

According to reports by Variety, Affleck seemed surprised when he discovered that the letters had been shared with his wife’s team.

‘I genuinely appreciated the beauty, poetry, and irony in the fact that it remains the greatest love story never disclosed. To compose a record about it seems to contradict that,’ Ben shared with the camera.

The acclaimed filmmaker was a guiding force for Jennifer as she ventured into making her film, which she personally funded.

‘She realized it was an otherworldly, imaginative journey that we were embarking on,’ he elaborated.

Lopez shocked fans as she sang about her racy sex life with husband Ben Affleck in a new song from album, This Is Me... Now (pictured this week)

Lopez stunned her followers when she opened up about her steamy intimate moments with her partner, Ben Affleck, in a track from her latest album, This Is Me… Now (as shown in recent photos).

The star, whose latest album is dedicated to her reignited love with Affleck, 51, after 20 years apart, detailed her raunchy love life with the actor in graphic lyrics from track, Greatest Love Story Never Told - Affleck is seen in a thirst trap shared by JLo

The celebrity, who recently released an album inspired by her rekindled romance with Affleck, 51, following two decades of separation, openly described her intimate relationship with the actor in explicit lyrics from the song “Greatest Love Story Never Told.” Affleck can be seen in a seductive photo shared by JLo.

The star sings: 'Missing your body, Climbing on top of me' in a racy track - the pair are pictured 2003

The singer croons: ‘Longing for your touch, Entangled in our intimacy’ in a provocative song – the duo is captured in a snapshot from 2003.

Jennifer’s husband encouraged her to make sure the movie was concise since she was funding it herself. She remembered him explaining the filmmaking process: “Ben told me, ‘You’re going to write it, then film it. After that, you’ll do a rough cut, figure out what you need, and do three days of reshoots.’ I panicked, saying I had no more money, but he insisted: ‘You’ll do a few reshoots, then edit it. Tell your story.’ Affleck watched the final movie and praised her work: ‘You made a movie for yourself. You did a great job.’ Jennifer was touched by his words: ‘That’s the best compliment I could ask for.’ “This Is Me… Now: A Love Story” will be out on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, February 16.

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