“Jennifer Lopez Turns Heads in Head-to-Toe Blue Gym Outfit on Her Way to a Workout Session in Miami”

No matter if she’s strutting down the red carpet or just taking a stroll, Jennifer Lopez always manages to look fantastic. The 50-year-old was spotted in Miami on Thursday, September 12, rocking a stylish blue sports bra paired with matching leggings as she geared up for a gym session. Showing off her toned abs, the singer clearly puts in the hard work to maintain her impressive physique. Check out the photos below to catch a glimpse of J. Lo out and about!

The mega-talented star has been incredibly busy showcasing her latest film, “Hustlers,” set to release on Friday, September 13th. Recently, on September 7th, she attended the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, for the movie’s premiere, and the couple was absolutely stunning.

Jen is known for always putting effort into her appearance, and her upcoming movie role has motivated her to be in top physical condition. She admits that portraying Ramona was quite a challenge and required dedication.

On September 6th, the star shared a glimpse of her dedication and effort on Instagram. “Stepping out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens,” she wrote alongside a video of her pole dancing. “This was a challenging physical feat, but the result made it all worthwhile.”

The video she posted on Insta was a preview of a YouTube video titled, “My Journey in Pole Dancing,” where the singer from “Jenny from the Block” opened up about the difficulties of portraying a pole dancer. “It’s tough on your body,” she shared in the video. “It requires real acrobatics, but I’m just focusing on learning the techniques right now because pole dancers have plenty of time to perfect their craft.”

The blonde bombshell shared that she had a mere six weeks to pick up all the skills strippers hone over years. But judging by her performance, she nailed it. Needless to say, we’re eagerly anticipating her on-screen debut!

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