Jennifer Lopez stuns in alluring Intimissimi lingerie, capturing hearts just before commemorating her 54th birthday

Jennifer Lopez is gearing up for her 54th birthday on July 24th and she’s decided to share some stunning photos of herself in Intimissimi lingerie. Looking better than ever, the singer and actress, known as “Jenny from the Block,” recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary with Ben Affleck. In the photos, she can be seen wearing a beautiful lacy white bra and panty set, paired with a robe featuring a striking black, white, and red print. Her honey blonde hair was styled in loose, tousled waves and pinned up casually. Captioning the post with “Getting ready to celebrate,” she also added a birthday cake emoji and a party horn emoji, hinting at the excitement surrounding her upcoming birthday festivities.

Age-defying: Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to celebrate turning 54 on July 24. But before she does, she's shared two new photos of herself looking decades younger while wearing Intimissimi lingerie

Age-defying: Jennifer Lopez is getting ready to celebrate her 54th birthday on July 24 with a bang. However, before the festivities begin, she has treated her fans to two stunning new photos of herself, where she looks remarkably young while showing off Intimissimi lingerie. The talented mom of two effortlessly rocked a pair of clear high-heeled sandals, completing her stylish look. It’s worth noting that her outfit is from her collaboration with Intimissimi, featuring the alluring Delicious Sofia Balconette Bra, priced at $69, along with the trendy Delicious 80s Style Brazilian panty, which sells for $15. Adding a touch of elegance to her ensemble, Jennifer donned the exquisite and luxurious Delicious Viscose Satin Kimono, valued at $79. Undeniably, the Shotgun Wedding star is defying the effects of time and appearing more radiant than ever. Jennifer Lopez is famously devoted to her workout routine, diligently following a circuit training regimen. As shared by her trainer, Dodd Romero, in an interview with O Magazine, her exercises include 50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches, and 50 incline sit-ups with a 45-pound plate. She then repeats this cycle with 35 reps, and finally completes a third set of 21, all performed consecutively without any breaks. Jennifer dedicates around four to five days per week to her training, with each session lasting an hour. Moreover, she focuses on different areas of her body on specific days. With her dedication and discipline, it’s no wonder that Jennifer Lopez continues to defy her age with her stunning appearance.

Beautiful: The Jenny from the Block singer wore a lacy white bra and panty set with a black, white and red print kimono-style robe

Gorgeous: The renowned pop star donned an exquisite white lace lingerie set along with a striking kimono-inspired robe adorned with a captivating black, white, and red print.

Gorgeous: JLo looks better at 54 than she ever has thanks to her rigorous workout and diet regimen

Stunning: JLo, at the age of 54, epitomizes her best self through a dedicated routine of exercise and a balanced nutritional plan.

Fit and fantastic: The multi-hyphenate works out for an hour four to five days a week

Staying in shape and feeling fabulous: This multi-talented individual dedicates four to five days a week to a one-hour workout session.

Dedication: The mom of two seems to have stopped time with her lifestyle

The lifestyle of the mother of two has seemingly frozen time, with Jlo being a prime example. Instead of letting a late night out deter her, she chooses to prioritize hitting the gym first thing in the morning. Although there are times when she feels exhausted from working too late the night before, she motivates herself to push through by reminding herself that it’s just an hour. She believes that it’s important to prevent herself from succumbing to laziness. Jlo also has a preference for working out early in the day rather than later, as it becomes more challenging for her to find the motivation once her day is already in full swing. Interestingly, when Jlo looks at pictures of herself from her twenties, she actually feels that she looks better now.

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