Jennifer Lopez showcases her toned midsection during a couple’s gym session with A-Rod, highlighting their commitment to fitness routines

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together for the past 18 months and have connected through their shared passion for fitness. Recently, Rodriguez posted a video on Instagram of the couple exercising together. In the clip, Lopez, 49, appeared stunning as she flaunted her toned midsection while doing arm pull downs.

Pro: Jennifer Lopez showed off her toned figure as she did upper body exercises in a video that her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez shared on Instagram on Monday

Jennifer Lopez flaunted her toned physique while engaging in upper body exercises in a video shared by her partner Alex Rodriguez on Instagram. The talented singer is gearing up for a performance at the American Music Awards the following day. A-Rod, 43, captioned the video by emphasizing their dedication to fitness despite their busy schedules. He highlighted the importance of working out as a way to de-stress and shared the details of the upper body workout session they completed late at night. Alex even provided a list of the reps they did so that their followers could join in and try the workout themselves.

A-Rod, 43, captioned the video: 'Crazy schedules means crazy hours, but we never miss a workout

A-Rod, at the age of 43, wrote in the video description: ‘Our busy schedules may mean late nights, but we always make time for our workouts.’

Couple's workout: The baseball star also worked on his biceps as the couple were watched over by a trainer

The athlete focused on his biceps during the workout session with his partner, while a trainer supervised their exercise routine.

Impressive stuff: A-Rod watched as the singer held waits and worked out her abdominals

Pretty cool: A-Rod observed as the singer focused on strengthening her core muscles during the workout. The committed pair appeared to be in excellent physical condition as they completed multiple sets of exercises. Lopez sported a stylish black crop top paired with leggings that had sheer side panels. With her hair tied back in a playful ponytail and hoop earrings, the Latina superstar exuded confidence during her gym session. Additionally, Lopez has shared her gratitude for Alex’s unwavering support.

Motivated: Alex also gave his Instagram followers a list of the reps the couple worked through so his fans could copy the workout

Eager to inspire, Alex shared the reps he and his partner completed in their workout on Instagram, encouraging his followers to try the same routine.

Dedicated duo: The couple have bonded over their love of fitness since they started dating in early 2017

Committed couple: The pair have connected through their shared passion for fitness ever since they first started seeing each other in early 2017. They have been together since early last year, and Jennifer has expressed her gratitude for his unwavering support towards her career. She mentioned how challenging her hectic schedule can be, saying it can feel like a never-ending cycle. Reflecting on her final performance at her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater last month, Jennifer shared, “Having a partner who is so supportive, who attends so many shows – we all understand the demands of the entertainment industry. It’s tough. With constant traveling and time apart, he really puts in the effort, just as I do, to always be there for each other, and that means the world to me.”

'He really makes the effort': The mother-of-two recently gushed about how supportive Alex has been to her career (pictured last month in Las Vegas) 

“He goes above and beyond,” JLo recently raved about the unwavering support Alex has shown towards her career.

The songstress is getting prepared for a performance at the American Music Awards on Tuesday. She is pictured May 22 performing in Vegas

The singer is gearing up for a show at the upcoming American Music Awards scheduled for Tuesday. A photo from May 22 shows her rocking the stage in Vegas.

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