Jennifer Lopez pokes fun at her lack of tech-savviness while attempting to pre-save her latest single on Spotify

Jennifer Lopez made an exciting announcement that her upcoming studio album will be released early next year. However, she faced a small challenge on Tuesday while attempting to pre-save her advanced single for the album. To showcase her amusing experience, the 54-year-old singer and actress shared a humorous Instagram Reels video. In the video, she tried logging into her Spotify account to pre-save the song titled “Can’t Get Enough,” which is scheduled to be released on January 10, 2024. Last month, Jennifer disclosed that this track would be the first single to be released from her highly anticipated ninth studio album, titled “This Is Me… Now,” which is set to drop on February 16 of next year. The Instagram video reflected Jennifer’s hilarious frustration as she attempted to reserve a copy of her own song.

Jennifer Lopez, 54, hilarious struggled to pre-save her upcoming single Can't Get Enough on Spotify in a video she posted to her Instagram Reels on Tuesday

Jennifer Lopez, aged 54, had a hilariously relatable struggle while trying to pre-save her upcoming single “Can’t Get Enough” on Spotify. In a video shared on her Instagram Reels, the age-defying beauty was seen clad in a stylish collarless zip-up jacket made of white leather, featuring prominent pockets over her midriff. Embracing a classic 1980s vibe, she rolled up the sleeves to showcase her toned arms. Her wavy caramel-colored locks were gracefully parted down the middle, framing her elegantly made-up face.

As she faced the camera with her phone in hand, Jennifer hilariously shouted, “What’s my password?” to an off-screen assistant. Cautiously navigating through the pre-saving process, she muttered to herself, “Accept the cookies,” appearing slightly confused. Despite her fame and success, Jennifer showed her down-to-earth side by admitting, “I don’t even know how to pre-save my own records,” while scrolling through her phone.

The upcoming album by Jennifer is a sequel to her 2002 release, “This Is Me… Then,” which was inspired by her initial relationship with Ben Affleck. Although their engagement was short-lived and their wedding plans were called off due to overwhelming publicity, Jennifer found love a second time and tied the knot last year. The experience of a second chance at romance served as inspiration for her new album.

The actress and musician noted that back when she released This Is Me... Then in 2002, she didn't have to worry about streaming, as CDs and vinyl LPs were the main formats available

The talented actress and musician revealed that during the release of her album This Is Me… Then in 2002, the concept of streaming was non-existent. CDs and vinyl LPs reigned supreme as the primary formats for enjoying music, removing any concerns about streaming.

Her first obstacle was to even log in to Spotify, and once she figured that out she wasn't sure how to find the button to pre-save her song

Her initial challenge involved logging in to Spotify, which proved to be quite a task. She struggled to recall her password and username, causing some frustration. The off-camera assistant asked if it was not working, prompting her to take a quick break and fix her hair.

After refreshing herself, she managed to successfully access her Spotify account. However, her troubles did not end there. She couldn’t locate the button to pre-save her song, creating more confusion. Tentatively, she asked if she was finished, only to be informed by her helper that she still needed to pre-save the track.

Figuring out how to do this within the music streaming app proved to be a challenge. Eventually, she went to her website, where she discovered a convenient link that allowed her to pre-save the upcoming song. With a mix of jubilation and weariness, she exclaimed that she had accomplished it and that pre-saving was all she had to do. In the background, her assistant celebrated with a joyful “Yay!”

In a recent short video, Jennifer made an announcement that fans had been waiting for. She was seen throwing a letter into a fire. The letter appeared to be from her future husband, Ben Affleck, written during their first romantic period in December 2002. A closeup of the note revealed the words “Life’s tough but you’re sweet.”

However, she switched to a browser to go back to her personal website, which had a handy link

Nonetheless, she decided to open a different web browser in order to navigate back to her own personal website, where she conveniently had a useful hyperlink.

J.Lo is released Can't Get Enough on January 10, 2024, followed by her full album This Is Me... Now, which comes out on February 16

On January 10, 2024, J.Lo dropped her highly anticipated track titled “Can’t Get Enough,” followed by the release of her complete album “This Is Me… Now” on February 16 of the same year.

The album, which is again inspired by her relationship with husband Ben Affleck, will also be accompanied by an Amazon documentary, which lists him as a co-writer and features him in several scenes; pictured in March in LA

The forthcoming album draws inspiration from Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with her husband, Ben Affleck, once again. In a noteworthy synergy, an Amazon documentary will be released alongside the album, with Affleck credited as a co-writer and making appearances in various scenes. A charming note from Ben, possibly accompanying a flower gift, hints at his understanding of Lopez’s love for floral arrangements. The eagerly anticipated documentary, exclusively available on Amazon Prime streaming, is skillfully directed by Dave Meyers and showcases Affleck’s involvement as a co-writer. Moreover, the film promises to delve into the explicit details of how the former lovers reunited after several years apart, offering fans an intimate glimpse into their remarkable love story.

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