Jennifer Lopez Finds Serenity in Meditation as Ben Affleck Takes a Break on their Balcony, Following Gym Kiss Rumors

Jennifer Lopez displayed a serene and healthy lifestyle on Tuesday, seen practicing meditation stretches by the waterfront in Miami. The 51-year-old fitness enthusiast seemed relaxed and peaceful outside her shared residence with beau Ben Affleck. In contrast, Ben was seen smoking on their balcony, dressed casually in a ‘Believe in Boston’ T-shirt and black trousers. Known for her clean-eating diet and commitment to fitness, Jennifer looked radiant in a white romper jumpsuit as she focused on her stretches.

Fresh as a daisy: Jennifer Lopez was pictured meditating and stretching in Miami on Tuesday shortly after her on-again beau Ben Affleck was pictured puffing away on a cigarette

Recently, Jennifer Lopez was seen relaxing and doing some meditation and stretching in Miami while her partner, Ben Affleck, was spotted smoking a cigarette. The couple has been making headlines lately after being seen kissing and playfully interacting at a gym, as reported by locals. In a subtle gesture, Jennifer hinted at the intensifying relationship with Ben by liking an Instagram post about finding love with the right person. Despite their previous breakup in 2004, the actress and actor have rekindled their romance, with sources revealing that Jennifer is feeling happy and optimistic about what the future holds after ending her engagement to Alex Rodriguez last month.

Smoke break: Ben, 48, was pictured puffing on a cigarette while dressed down in a 'Believe in Boston' T-shirt and comfy black trousers

Rough night? The Gone Girl actor looked a little worse for wear while peering out of his balcony

During his break, Ben, aged 48, was seen smoking a cigarette in a casual ‘Believe in Boston’ T-shirt and comfortable black pants.

Earth mother: JLo gets in her morning meditation stretches in Miami

Mother Earth: Jennifer Lopez starts her day with some peaceful morning meditation and stretching while in Miami.

Morning ritual: Jennifer - who is known for her love of a clean-eating diet and dedicated fitness regime - wore a white casual romper jumpsuit as she struck a series of stretches

Stunning: The Shotgun Wedding start looked fresh-faced as she ventures outside for some sun and stretches

Morning routine: Jennifer, who is famous for her commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise, donned a white romper jumpsuit while doing a set of stretching exercises.

Mindfulness: The fitness fan appeared to be indulging in some meditation stretches

Mindfulness: The fitness enthusiast was seen engaging in some calming stretching exercises.
Jennifer recently showed her appreciation for an inspirational post on Instagram by life coach Jay Shetty. The post highlighted the beauty of finding love effortlessly after experiencing hardships in relationships.
Fans recently pointed out that Ben was wearing the same watch from his cameo in Jennifer Lopez’s music video from 2002.
Just a month ago, Jennifer confirmed the end of her relationship with former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, after dating for four years and being engaged for two years.

Ying and yang: While JLo stretched out, Ben was pictured relaxing in a different way

Yin and yang: As JLo lounged, Ben was caught unwinding in his own distinct manner.

Chilling: The Good Will Hunting star was pictured swigging a bottle of water during his smoke break

Relaxing: The popular actor from Good Will Hunting was caught on camera taking a sip from a water bottle during his break from smoking. According to a recent report from PEOPLE, Jennifer recently returned to Los Angeles to be with Ben, rekindling their relationship once again earlier this week.

A source mentioned to the publication, ‘Jennifer was only in Los Angeles for a short while. She spent quality time with Ben. They have been in touch daily since their trip to Montana.’ The insider also added that they are managing a challenging long-distance relationship, stating, ‘It’s not easy given the distance between them, but they both seem determined to make things work.’

Nicotine fix: It appeared that the actor was taking regular smoke breaks

Getting his hit: The star appears to be in relaxation mode while in Miami with JLo

Getting his nicotine fix: It seemed like the actor was stepping outside for frequent smoke breaks.

Kicking back: Ben and Jen are staying together at a lush residence in Miami

Taking it easy: Ben and Jen are spending time together at a luxurious estate in Miami.

Being himself: It's clear that Ben feels comfortable in his renewed romance

Enjoy: The Smokin' Aces star appears to be vacay mode

Embracing his true self: Ben seems at ease in his rekindled romance. Sources have revealed that Jennifer Lopez is delighted with the reunion, stating, “Jennifer is in a good place. She appears to be genuinely happy and looking forward to what lies ahead.” According to an insider speaking to Us Weekly, the couple is taking things one step at a time, scheduling frequent meetups and discussing future plans before making their relationship public. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first began their relationship back in 2002 while working together on Gigli. Though they got engaged and had plans to marry in September 2003, they ultimately called off the wedding and split in January 2004.

Giddy: JLo was pictured earlier this week with a huge grin as she left a private residence with on-again beau Ben

Excited: JLo was all smiles in recent photos as she was spotted leaving a private residence with her rekindled flame, Ben Affleck. Sources say that their rekindled relationship is intense, but they are taking it slow and not putting any labels on it to avoid pressure. They might make things official on social media or step out together in public in a month or two if things continue to go well. Ben reportedly reached out to JLo in February while she was busy filming Shotgun Wedding.

Bennifer is back: The actress, 51, and actor, 48, split in 2004, however they have grown close again in recent weeks after enjoying a trip to Montana and LA (pictured together in 2003)

Bennifer reunites: After parting ways in 2004, the 51-year-old actress and 48-year-old actor have rekindled their bond in the past few weeks. They were seen spending time together in Montana and Los Angeles, just like in the photo from 2003.

All over: The singer was previously engaged to Alex Rodriguez, 45, but the pair officially announced their split on April 15 (pictured 2019)

Everywhere: The singer was previously in a serious relationship with Alex Rodriguez, 45, but they officially announced their separation on April 15 (as shown in 2019). According to TMZ, the actor contacted J.Lo through email while she was in the Dominican Republic, and they continued to communicate over the next month. TMZ claims that Ben wrote an email to Jen complimenting her appearance while filming the movie, especially after pictures surfaced of her filming wedding scenes with her co-star Josh Duhamel. It’s also been reported that he expressed regret at not being able to join her in the Dominican Republic, as he was busy filming The Tender Bar in Boston with George Clooney.

The way they were: Ben and Jen first started dating in 2002 after meeting on set of Gigli however they broke up in 2004 after postponing their wedding (pictured in 2003)

Ben and Jen’s relationship history dates back to 2002 when they first started dating on the set of Gigli. However, their romance hit a rough patch in 2004 when they called off their wedding plans. Despite the breakup, they reportedly stayed in touch until Jennifer finished filming in late April. It was rumored that Ben mentioned in an email his ability to capture Jennifer’s heart with his writing skills, leading to speculation about their relationship status. At the time, Jennifer was engaged to Alex Rodriguez, but they announced their split on April 15. Requests for comments from Ben and Jennifer’s representatives were made by MailOnline during that period.

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