Jennifer Lopez Embraces Empowerment as a Veteran Stripper in Hustlers: “Rising to the Occasion in My G-String”

With all the Oscar buzz swirling around her latest movie “Hustlers,” Jennifer Lopez has been feeling empowered by her role as veteran stripper Ramona Vega. Despite rumors of a feud with her co-star Constance Wu, the 50-year-old actress embraced the challenge of the character and enjoyed working alongside Wu.

Boss: Jennifer Lopez expressed how she felt a sense of empowerment while embodying the role of veteran stripper Ramona Vega in the crime drama released in September. “At first, my main stripping scene wasn’t included in the film, but I believed it was crucial to showcase,” she told The Sun. “It was important for viewers to see that she was the standout performer at the club.”

I had to embrace my inner strength and courage in that moment. Stepping out in my costume for the first time was a bit daunting, to say the least. I truly felt the vulnerability and exposure, but I gathered my courage and embraced my role as an actress. This is the path I chose, and I had to own it.

As I took the stage, I felt a sense of empowerment and control over the room. The transformation from fear to joy was profound, marking a significant shift in my emotions. It was a challenging and scary experience, but ultimately, it was absolutely amazing.

Jennifer confessed that it was the first time she truly felt vulnerable and exposed while filming the pole-dancing scenes. Despite feeling uneasy, she pulled up her G-string and embraced the challenge as an actress, acknowledging that it is part of her job and what she signed up for. Jennifer expressed frustration over assumptions by movie-watchers that she used a stunt double for the challenging pole-dancing scenes.

While hanging upside down on the pole, I jokingly told them to focus on my face because I didn’t mind looking like a bat. I wanted to show that there were no stunt doubles in this movie. Lopez and the Crazy Rich Asians star teamed up to play a duo of dancers who outsmarted Wall Street big shots in the film.

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