Jennifer Lopez captivates with a mesmerizing dance number in This Is Me… Now – garnering an outstanding 93% rating from fans on Rotten Tomatoes

Jennifer Lopez’s latest film, This Is Me… Now, has been well-received by both critics on Rotten Tomatoes and fans alike. The self-funded project by the 54-year-old actress earned an impressive 81% on the tomatometer and a 91% fan rating upon its recent release.

An exclusive sneak peek obtained by showcases a scene from the one-hour movie, featuring Lopez showcasing her dance moves while sporting a stylish brown trench coat, reminiscent of a classic from Singin’ In the Rain. The teaser also includes a cameo appearance by Fat Joe, a longtime friend and collaborator of the star, among other celebrities making appearances in the film.

With a budget of $16 million, This Is Me… Now was inspired by Lopez’s rekindled relationship with her husband, Ben Affleck.

The latest movie starring Jennifer Lopez, titled This Is Me… Now, has garnered impressive ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and has also been well-received by fans.

MailOnline published an exclusive preview from the upcoming hour-long film, showcasing the artist dancing and wearing a stylish brown trench coat in a tribute to the classic movie Singin’ In the Rain. The highly anticipated film was launched on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, February 16.

The movie forms part of a three-part project centered around her well-known quest for love and how she ultimately found it with her spouse. This project also includes an album with the same title, serving as a sequel to her 2003 release This Is Me… Then, which was also dedicated to Affleck.

Additionally, a documentary detailing the creation of both the film and the album, titled The Greatest Love Story Never Told, is also in the works. The couple called off their engagement a year after the release of This Is Me… Then, but they reconciled almost two decades later and tied the knot in 2022.

JLo shared a sneak peek teaser clip in November, showcasing snippets from the upcoming album. The clip began with the star’s voiceover reminiscing about her childhood dream of being “in love” when asked about her future aspirations.

The teaser ended with the words “Hear It. See It. Live It. Share It” displayed in bold gold letters across the screen.

The 54-year-old celebrity’s personally funded endeavor received a strong 81% rating on the tomatometer and an impressive 91% approval from fans when it was launched last Friday.

The project, with a price tag of $16 million, was sparked by Jennifer’s renewed love with her husband Ben Affleck.

The long-awaited film hit Amazon Prime Video screens on February 16th, much to the delight of viewers.

The movie is part of a trio of projects focusing on her well-known quest for love and how she eventually found it with her spouse. In addition to that, the film includes a scene of a hummingbird – a bird she has revealed to be one of her favorites – outside a window on a rainy night. The initial scenes transition into rapid cuts of images featuring the Selena star dancing at a wedding, in a factory, in the rain, and in a picturesque Grecian setting. The caption ‘THIS IS ME…NOW. The Musical Experience Begins 2.16.24,’ appears on the screen. Since getting married, Lopez and Affleck have successfully integrated their respective families. Ben has three children from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner, while Lopez has teenage twins from her former husband, Marc Anthony.

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